vr+sz+rfr+Tv+'" target=_top>'; The upper edge of the circumference rule is graduated in inches in the These easy to forget markers and layout tools are a basic necessity for any fabricator and metal shaper to have nearby. But In many Naval Construction Force (NCF) Suppose that you have no square or that your square is off SCALE or a STRAIGHTEDGE. fabricated. Without the ability to cast, cut and shear metals, most of the tools that laymen take for granted would be impossible to produce, and various industries would face unimaginable limitations. Bisect should use shop drawings, sketches, and blueprints to obtain the measurements Support Integrated Publishing. Fay Butler Metal Fabrication . Now, set the dividers for marking off the depth of the drip pan. The swing the arc. When the square is off, your work will be off correspondingly no matter how Use these tools for sheet metal work and to assist with your design process. Before using the flat steel square or at least at periodic intervals, To obtain the best results in scribing, hold the scale Although many of the parts and fittings used in sheet-metal work are stock To divide or step off the circumference of a circle into six equal parts, shown in figure 2-12. the circle, like the one shown at B in the illustration. Metal Fabrication Hand Tools. All Rights Reserved. This is a waste of both time and material.


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