Firewood & Lumber We Recycle 100% of the Trees We Remove and the Branches We Cut Down. We've been in the firewood business for a very long time – and may even be the largest retail firewood distributor in Southeast Michigan. Typically firewood is cut into 16 inch lengths and is tightly stacked in three rows, 4 feet high and 8 feet long, totaling 128 cubic feet. The creosote will stick to the sides of the chimney and can ignite, causing a chimney fire. If you use firewood to heat your home, or to supplement a fossil fuel heating system, depending on the insulation in your home, 3-6 face cords may be required. Birch is a deciduous hardwood with somewhere around 30 to 60 different species. However, not all of the options will be available to you since some trees only grow in certain parts of the country. Minnesota Firewood For Sale - Choose From Seasoned Red Oak, Birch, Maple, Basswood & Mixed Hardwood Delivered Free to Your Minneapolis - St. Paul Metro Area. The Best, prettiest wood around here. Yellow Birch gives off a wintergreen aroma when its burning. The older the Birch tree is the more difficult you will find it is to split because older Birch trees tend to be more stringy. All our firewood is premium quality, clean, split, well-seasoned… and ready to burn. Yellow birch will produce 21.8 million BTU's per cord. Also known as Swamp Birch, it is identified by it silver-yellow smooth bark. The bark on a Birch tree is so tight that it tends to hold the moisture in and rot from the inside out. Susceptible to rot if left unspilt for very long. Often mistaken for softwood, birch is a hardwood. ), Seasonal Yard Hours: Birch has low heat output, decent coals, and produces a moderate level of smoke. Call for availability. Yellow Birch is much harder to split than the others and dries slower due to its high sap content. On average a cord of Birch is equal approximately to the following common heat sources: BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. Please contact us for specific dates. Heat Output (BTUs): 20.8; Amount of Smoke: Medium; Spark Output: Low; Smell or Fragrance: Slight; … We are open at our new location! White birch will produce 20.2 million BTU's per cord. 7868 Chubb Road (between 5 and 6 Mile Roads) Firewood. Birch bark is chalky feeling and peels off in thin wispy layers. You may consider scoring/slicing the bark when bucking if you need to store it before splitting it. Aspen leaves are heart-shaped, whereas Birch leaves are long and oval with coarsely toothed edges. Most woods produce fruity, nutty, or piney fragrances. var d=new Date(); Open to the Public • Prompt Delivery or Pick Up Available. Remember Birch bark peals like paper! Most types of Birch have a slightly sweet smell which most people find pleasant. Seasoned Firewood. Birch Overview. European white birch is dried in the air for many months, before it is kiln dried to the USDA standard and packed by hand into eco-friendly fishnet bags Our firewood is free of pests, mold and mildew You will find White Birch primarily in the far northern states and Canada. (Loading assistance available, inquire for cost. Some people say Grey Birch smells like incense when it burns. It also sends a sweet smell throughout the neighborhood. From a distance Aspen trees are commonly mistaken for Birch trees. yr=d.getFullYear(); Hickory is most popular for restaurants and home chefs for the intense flavor it adds during cooking and smoking. Call the Office for information and rates 508 481-6711 Los Angeles, 90064. Birch can season in 1 year or less if split and stacked right away. In other words, it’s solidly in the bottom tier for firewood quality, but it still outperforms other types that come later in this list. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress. The standard firewood unit we sell is a face cord (4' high x 8' wide x 16" length split logs). At the high end would be Eucalyptus at 34.5 million BTUs per cord and Osage-Orange at 32.9 million. Eco Forest White Birch is a great firewood to burn and is an essential for a right ambience. Splits fairly easy and dries fast once split. in box at right for more info.) Save the bark because it makes a great fire starter! For occasional fireplace burning, one face cord may be sufficient to last one Southeast Michigan winter (October-March). They both have white bark and look very similar. Yellow Birch takes a little longer. In addition to that, Birch trees grown in a yard and exposed to the wind will have a stronger grain, but you will have a more difficult time splitting it as opposed to a Birch tree grown in a wooded area. If you have any questions please call us at (310) 478-2630 This mix of apple, walnut and cherry gives you a nice colorful flame and a long-lasting fire. Welcome! To get the most energy out of your firewood, the wood should be seasoned. Another use for Birch bark is to make tea. Firewood in Wilmington on We are located at: 11189 W. Olympic Blvd. Down To Earth Homesteaders is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to


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