Hi Roy! If so, how and any idea on shelf life? Have made this as described and once using 85% beef CSR's and 15% ham steak. Thank you for sharing the video, lots of people will be interested in! Trader Joes has nori sheets for $1 as well. Thanks Thanks Larry! Pressure canning it into pints right now. I would adjust the cure and only cure the pork shoulder. YUMMY! Put a spin on part of ground pork and ham and added some Hatch, NM green chili and it it awesome as well. its hard to find here in Philippines.. my package from my sister inlaw just arrived with that morton.. i going to make one now..thank you so much for sharing your video in youtube.. now im here in your page. Posted: (7 days ago) Well, I make 12 6lb Spam loaves with Chipotle seasoning on Tuesday each week and sell one large 1/2 inch crispy fried slice with Two fried eggs and homemade seasoned potato browns and a big ol sweet honey bisquit and coffee for $12 a plate every Saturday morning out of my little food truck. The only thing I did different was to use two packets of unflavored gelatin dissolved in 2/3 cup of water instead of corn starch. I will be trying this recipe in the near future! Check out this video on canning Meatloaf. Mine is in the oven right now. Newer Post Older Post Home. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U89ZtzIftVU. I make all types of sausage as a hobby but have yet to attempt home made Spam. Thinking maybe bake on wide mouth pint jars half time, then can the usual time for meat? I guess I should just forget about SPAM, but your video made it look so good!! One of the memories of my dad was back in the 60's having fried Spam or fried bologna sandwiches. I know this is an old thread, but Tender Quick also produces a taste change in the meat treated, so along with the pink color, you'd also lose that. A local store had pork butt on sale for 99 cents a pound. Glad you are enjoying it!! Combine with ground meat and thoroughly mix. There was a lot of jell, but the jell does not stick the the loaf. Can this be mixed and put in jars and canned, A very thorough instruction and would like to make SPAM as it is one of my favourite. I think with Prague Powder #1 you only use 1 tsp per 5 pounds of meat. I've had to make a second batch for relatives who tasted the first batch. Remove SPAM from pans and slice as desired. Can as u would pork.your attitude & weight 10.15.5.pints 75 min.qt.80. !Thanks for watching and commenting! But 2 loaves is way to much for him to take with him at a time, so if I can store the extra loaf and and remains that he doesn't take, this would be so worth it to make, love it and thank you for the instructions and youtube video. Id like to find directions of home canned spam. Just made my first batch. Can't wait to try it. Thank you. In this recipe, meat preservation is not even an issue as the meat goes right into the oven to fully cook. Can't wait to try this. Tender Quick is only 6.25% Sodium Nitrate and most of the balance is regular salt. Hey my name is Rickie I saw your video and recipe it looks great I have a pork butt thawing in the fridge right now I will be getting the ham tomorrow morning after sunSun morning Church I am really excited about trying it.If you have any other recipes I believe theyed be great as well and I'd be happy to try them. 3 Award Winning Wolfe Rub BBQ Rub Recipes. It's with great pleasure, that I would like to be included in these points of positive feedback! Thanks! I dont have an oven as of the moment. Made my first batch yesterday and had it this morning with breakfast. Next batch I'm going to add a bit of belly/side pork to the mix. Cant wait to try making your SPAM. Posted by Larry Wolfe at 9:35 AM 2 comments: Email This BlogThis! I bet this would be awesome put into casings and then smoked!! Sign Up to Follow The Wolfe Pit Blog. Have I done something wrong? i was obsess looking for quick tender morton just to get my goal.. to make spam.. i let my sister inlaw send me and ordered morton quick tender in US.what is a substitute of quick tender? Also, I've been making a lot of homemade fresh sausage lately and I've started cooking the blade bone and trimmings I don't put into my sausage into a homemade pork broth (minus the fat, which I skim off after it cools)that I add back to my sausage rather than water because it has all of that nice collagen in it and is gelatinous. Yep.i am gonna make this spam.Then with other loaf i am gonna can it up. The Wolfe Pit: Homemade SPAM - How To Make SPAM at Home!! No comments: Post a Comment. Most of my grinders and sausage stuffers are old time units and I like to find them in junk stores and alike. WHY? Do you know what would happen if I simply left it out (or reduced the amount)? If possible, how much should I use?Im from the Philippines and its kinda hard to source the Tender Quick. pig picnic, course grind. Using the plastic wrap pull the SPAM out and wrap with 1/2 sheet of Nori. People can't get enough of it. Had to do some searching for the Tender Quick but found locally (it is also on Amazon). Just like I had as a kid. Out of curiosity, did you try cooking it until the internal temp was closer to like 200 to convert some of that collagen into gelatin? Larry I have tried this recipe a couple of times and it is as good as you said it would be or it was thanks for the recipe I really enjoyed it. My first batch .was with deer back strap, was scrumptious now I'm making my second batch but I'm just making it with cherry smoked bacon and your pork butt and a ham he just as good thanks for the simple recipe I have enjoyed it. Thanks very much! Him & the guys at the Firehouse are going to love it !! They sell Spam at the local Dollar Tree (check your dollar stores). Remove SPAM, add soy sauce and the remaining Mirin and sugar and bring to a simmer. I was so impressed by the results I just had to share some with a couple from our church. That's my best guess because it shouldn't be salty. I have made it and put it in casings and smoked it and I just woke up thinking that I need to turn around and you'll get a batch out and put it in my pans and probably do about 3 pounds of ground pork butt and ham before I go to the hospital in Danville tomorrow for the pain in my back. For those asking how to can this. Thank you so much and bless you Mr. Larry. If you can't find it Amazon has it - http://amzn.to/2x5IOiX. Spread mixture into 2 - 9x5 loaf pans and press firmly to remove air bubbles. Mix Tender Quick, sugar, cornstarch, Kosher salt and cold water together until everything is dissolved. This is what I intend to do with my next batch of your delicious Spam recipe! Would depend on the prices of each of course. 1Tsp/5lbs meat. I won't tell Geoff! Mine's in the oven as I type and I'm like a kid on Christmas eve!Thanks for the great recipe and video. Larry, I know you have received a lot of positive feedback on the SPAM. Great idea! After 3.5 hours in the oven and the overnight pressing in the fridge, all I can say is ...WOW! Wondering if you could can this in a pressure cooker? It is shaped just like the old style canned hams that had the metal key attached for opening the cans. Got folks lined up round the block from 7am to 11am if it lasts that long, and I usually run out of my spam by 9.


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