For SaGa Frontier on the PlayStation, Character FAQ by GregP. He was sent from his dying home world of Margmel by the elder to seek out the remaining eight rings to save his world. He's underrated, but usually it's better to take the sword and leave him be. There's a fine "li" between "obvious" and "oblivious.". It catches a glimpse of Time, a little boy, before it completely loses power. I agree regarding the Mystics Ajogamer... the recruitable ones are TimeLord, Dr. Nusakan & Mesarthim. The Silent Bob: In The Essence of SaGa Frontier. For SaGa Frontier on the PlayStation, Character FAQ by GregP. While driving home, Red and his dad get into a car accident after BlackX falls on the car. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Sei's monster form does not measure up to other end game options in a relaxed playthrough; he is difficult to heal, and LifeRain has limited use (4 LP). Here is a list of the following recruitable characters and where they can be found. Blue Protagonist Race:… By optimizing… ※ Items listed in red text cannot be removed. Riki The goddess of mecs, and recruitable early on formost others. Besides, Jotnar's not as hard as the two Dragons. An alien creature abandons its damaged spacecraft. Therefore his only benefit is the Kusanagi skill - very nice to be sure, but replaceable with MightyCyclone or something. It is the seventh game in the SaGa series and the first to be released on the PlayStation. I thought it only took 1 LP at a time? BlackX and Red get into a fight after Red swears to avenge is father. I don't even think Zozma measures up to the humans. While attending his graduation from the Magic Kingdom school, Blue is given the task of becoming the greatest magician. Recruitable Characters. Recruits. His father is killed, but Red is seriously injured. Ren is killed and Emelia is framed for his murder. This is a list of characters from SaGa Frontier. Blue Lute’s father was killed by Mondo while he was a child so he grew up in Yorkland with his mother. Asellus What makes a strong character? To do this, he must travel to various regions learning as much magic as he can. It does. Follow The Essence of SaGa Frontier on Crazy Fuse Follow Blog via Email. We’ll also briefly comment on the differences between each level. She wakes up in a strange castle with the memory of being killed, but there are no wounds on her. The stranger transforms Red into Alkaiser to save his life. The drawback of course is slogging through Fairy battles to get to Jotnar, who can be a pain at early game... but if your'e not doing a speed run or challenge, chances are you're not tackling Mt. Blue is one of the 7 main characters of SaGa Frontier, while Rouge is a recruitable character. Suzaku I would put up there with Kylin in Tier 1, provided you can keep its original form, which really isn't that hard to do now that we know the game mechanics. T260G searches to find out what his goal is and where he came from. She comes to realize that Lord Orlouge, the Mystic Lord, was the one that hit her. Red (レッド, Reddo?) Mosperiburg until you've got some beef in your party. He undergoes a transformation to battle enemies as the superhero Alkaiser (アルカイザー, Arukaizaa?). His home region is Shrike. I got many mistakes and took long to learn monster usage but thanks to the monster FAQ. ※ Items listed in red text cannot be removed. We’ll take a look at the most efficient training techniques for each of the four races. Her quest is to find Joker and kill him for murdering her boyfriend. After meeting up with Captain Hamilton in Owmi, Lute learns that Mondo isn’t the nice guy that he thought he was and that he’s the one that killed his father. Now, neither fully human nor Mystic, Asellus is on a quest to find out who she is and to punish the one that took her life away. You sure that isn't 4 WP (I don't recall the actual WP value)? The Voiceless: It's rumored that he lost his voice when trying to absorb Tanzer, although Word of God says he's a natural mute. There should be one exception for the Mecs - T260G (especially in her own scenario). is one of the main protagonists of SaGa Frontier. He transforms in to a human boy to find the remaining rings. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. A character’s strength can be determined by analyzing six variables: Max HP, Max WP, Max JP, Stats, Equipment, and Abilities. By kentonalkemi in Update July 16, 2018 27 Words Leave a comment


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