It makes me feel old too but yes, I would say that qualifies as retro. Gonna be honest I want those two more than botw 2 because I know it will be released eventually. I didn't play Excite Truck unfortunately. ... Metroid dread confirmed. I reviewed it for Nintendojo back in the day. It is just part of business to protect your IP. I can see one or two of them being updates to expiring trademarks but why would the gba or the wave bird be expiring the same time the WiiU is? Trademarks are renewed every 10 years.Nothing to see here. 6. I gave it a try, and I had one of the best arcade-racing experience, along with Burnout games or Mario Kart. That isn't brief, that is epic. On the hardware front, there's an application for the company's 2001 handheld device - the Game Boy Advance, its 2012 Wii U system, and there's even a mention of the WaveBird - a wireless controller for the GameCube. @RPGamer You didn't exactly make it difficult... @FargusPelagius or maybe you’re excited because the title is ExciteTrucks! I missed out on Excite Truck. @StephenYap3 SAME HEREEEE I probably spent a bajillion hours on Mii Plaza, @JimmySpades oh good point lol, yeah I haven’t been on this site in like a week. I don’t know if we’ll ever see a sequel, but goddamn an HD remaster would be frickin’ sweet on the Switch. I don't understand why we shouldn't be excited there is a reason why Nintendo does this and they have time again. A new iteration would be marvellous. You had to do tree runs, jumps, get "POWS" that would let you careen through trees, destroying everything in your path and racking up points along the way. Many people haven't experienced it because it never came out in Europe. @Shinra when you have a 6 minute long Sonata Arctica track playing in the background racing your mate, and you finish as the track ends. Sure, don't make them a "forced" option like how they were on the 3DS and (especially) Wii U, but that doesn't mean they don't deserve to get a bit more of a spotlight again... @Mommar Yeah, I don't have my hopes up, if they dug up any Wii game for a remake or sequel, the Excite games would be my top choice. It's a shame it's pretty much guaranteed to be trademark protection. And when I say chaos I mean it with the utmost affection. =:3, OMG they still make GBAs and what not!??!?! Excitebots was pretty hood because of what it stole from Excite Trucks-the far superior game. 31 Games like Excite Truck for Nintendo Switch, daily generated comparing over 40 000 video games across all platforms. Pretty sure this is simply a case of trademark renewal and nothing else, though I'd love to be proven wrong. Obviously it can't be the exact same but something similar to bring Miis back more into the spotlight. Of course, trademark applications don't necessarily mean there are any new games or products on the horizon and are often just to protect IP - so try not to get too excited. Box looked like a piece of shit grandma accidently buys insted of need for speed for her grandkids. Definitely not. I sunk hours into ExciteTruck. I still have my copy and play it occasionally on the Wii U. I'm always Excited when I hear "Excite Truck". The central hub for news, updates, info, and discussion about the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch games! It’s like reporting that people went to work and did their jobs. Excite Truck with a custom soundtrack (the only game to ever support it, right?) I'm putting my hopes up! It's a shame how many people never experienced the sequel Excitebots: Trick Racing, it's one of the best racing games and games in general on the Wii. Just because Minish Cap is in the photo on the article, but I'd love to play through that again on a modern handheld (Switch). @JimmySpades @nessisonett DAMMIT YOU GUYS BEAT ME TO IT ARGHHH. That was an amazing game... hopefully we can get a second entry on Switch. Really nothing surprising there. This is the most trademarks Nintendo has applied for since the start of this year. I wish Miis will get a second chance on Switch. Do you recall how to add music to excite truck? Hmm... interesting. I’d be cool with that. This is a game that was heaps of fun and deserves new life on Nintendo's latest console. The Online Service needs more consoles besides the Nintendo and SNES. I wanted to get Excite Bots also on the Wii but this didn't see a Euro release. The core of the game is simply plain fun. @Smashfan508 Well I mean, it's "3 devices ago" and nearly 20 years old. Wavebird compatible. Early next year. May 25, 2019 8:33pm. And when I say chaos I mean it with the utmost affection. Unfortunately nothing to see here. Even just an HD port of the original game would be a blast. Although it is nice to see protection for WaveBird (still the best controller) and ExciteTruck an underrated and fun game IMHO. Reason they started to crack down on Rom sites was because they started to use their old IPS for things like like the mini systems let's not forget the gamecube controllers made a come back in which they even created an adapter for, also is not like they got rid of Miis you can still create one. That's what usually happens when this type of information is about. Excite Truck PAL dated. And who can forget Nintendo Land? My brother had a Nintendo and SNES. I remember picking up my Wii and wondering which game I should get. I can definitely conclude that we will get ports of every single one of these games. Sadly, this more than likely means nothing. It's not a surprise to learn that Excitebots was originally an attempt to reboot Diddy Kong Racing and isn't a proper Excite Truck sequel. The motions controls took some getting used to but after a bit I found it to be a reliable and delightful way to control the chaos. I want The Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD on the Switch so bad I think I may die if they don't ! Heck I'd love either a compilation of all 5/6 games in Mario & Luigi series to the Switch. The game had so much replay value as the star system it used incentivized figuring out just the right run to get all the stars. Japanese Nintendo also mentions the categories each of these trademarks has been filed under: The Game Boy Advance and Wii U applications are under the categories machinery and equipment and toys with the Wii U also being under education/entertainment. TL;DR Bring back Excite Truck for Switch! Nintendo is definitely not just updating their trademarks. Gotta strongly disagree here. When he’s not paying off a loan to Tom Nook, Liam likes to report on the latest Nintendo news and admire his library of video games. A simple port of Excite Truck with remastered graphics would be a day one purchase for me.. An excitetruck remaster on switch would make me very happy! Excite Truck was a treat to play on the Wii, I remember you could use your own Mp3 tracks as background music when racing.


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