I have one with firmly planted and head seeker. Plus 390s still 2 burst with kill clip. Edit: thanks to the community for providing great, detailed answers as always! I prefer the instant extra damage from rampage for chaining kills. They both have the situations, but I think I may ultimately benefit more from the instant damage boost than the bigger boost after reload. The best legendary weapons in this game and its predecessor have always been ones that outperform other guns in every circumstance, not just certain ones. 150 handcannons). I can land head-shots pretty consistently with Claws of the Wolf (540) but, even with counterbalance, Go Figure (450) just seems to be all over the place. It can kill halfway through the second burst. CruciblePlaybook is a subreddit for discussing strategies and techniques for Destiny's Crucible. Just because it's still 2 bursts doesn't mean the TTK can't drop. Without Kill Clip a 450 aggressive takes 8 bullets to kill. The issue with this is not so much in the sentiment itself, but in the red herring it presents. Idk, I have a really nice Go Figure and I feel that I get plenty of 2-taps on all those nimbly bimbly hunters out there. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I used both guns and Bygones just feels easier to use. To add to what else is here regarding Rampage/KC, Headseeker's boost is minor Resilience mitigation at best and doesn't actually offset TTK in most circumstances AFAIK. At Go Figure Collectables you can choose from a large variety of 20th century collectibles, spanning the decades from the 70's and 80's vintage items through to the collectable items of today. Additionally, dragon's shadow doesn't trigger kill clip, which is a major bummer. Sounds like it deserves a second shot. I have a 2.40 kda so i like to think i can aim, the bygones is just a better gun. I prefer more range in my weapons TBH, especially as I'm not good at accounting for bullet drop. Bygones is also great, and is easier to use at mid to close range, but has a slower ttk and much less range. Bygones is an easy 3 tap with a faster TTK and a 2 burst with kill Clip. Sounds like a gun that can be quite nice with a number of different rolls. In other words, I'd rather have a weapon that performs reliably than one whose performance changes circumstantially (it's why I still preferred Relentless over Redrix last season). So lemme see if I understand the logic here: since the body shot TTK is significantly better on bygones, and it's kinda hard to land all headshots with go figure, you're actually gonna be better off over the course of a game with bygones? Rampage on pulses is good, you can string a couple kills without the nuisance of reloading, and sometimes when you do reload there is nobody around to shoot. I think I'd rather Zen Moment to control your recoil so that you don't need a CB mod and can change it to Target Acquisition or Radar Tuner. I'm not a fan of kill clip. CruciblePlaybook is a subreddit for discussing strategies and techniques for Destiny's Crucible. Have a good roll for both but Go Figure with the roll I have just feels more satisfying in both PVE and PVP. The TTK of the Go Figure is better because of the archetype and the 4-burst but if you dont hit all crits the TTK is slower. I mean, its really about versatility and being practical, ttk isnt everything. Yeah sadly my bygones rando rolls have been bad so I used that for a session last night. And my favorite thing about it is the range. I've used both a fair bit but unexpectedly prefer Go Figure over Bygones. I have Rampage on mine, it's really nice. I’d prob still pick the kill clip one tbh. It’s much easier and more reliable to get a 3 burst kill with a 390 than a 2 burst with a 450. 10. Bygones is a lot more consistent. It basically feels like Scout range. Oddly I play way better if i dont use full auto. A lot easier pubstomp weapon. I use the dmg boost from rampage way more than I would from Kill Clip. Pretty sur the fact that the Drifter sells a pretty good Bygones roll (Arrowhead Brakes + Kill Clip + Stability MW + Full Auto if that's your thing) is pushing the stats. Nice. But obviously both weapons are great and IMO you can't go wrong. Btw, never delete that gun, it's arguably a god roll! Gotta shore up things somewhere. I've never been a fan of damage-boosting perks over performance-boosting ones. I still prefer v wing more. Sorry I made this so long lol, just wanted to explain my reasons. Kill Clip is probably better on a hunter, but as a titan i prefer rampage. I also find that perks like kill clip and rampage sound good on paper, but when it comes to sweaty competitive matches you will end up putting yourself in bad positioning trying to use said perks when they are active. The 4/5 round burst pulse rifles just feel a hair more sluggish and I feel more vulnerable using them. Or is that ROF comparison not correct because of the 3/4 round disparity? Also, the Go Figure and my titan's 10 mobility work absolutely perfect together when I am peek shooting. Rampage on mine, and it translates into more 1v2 and 1v3 wins than Kill Clip would. So, for crucible purposes all three seem like they could be pretty good! It’s a stark difference in feeling between the two archetypes for me. Go Figure's range is insane. They do though. I think I'll dust if off and try it again. Team tactics, map knowledge, class builds, loadouts, game modes, gun skills and more. Each weapon has not just one but various ttk scenarios. If you’re willing to try and get good with the gun, go with blast furnace, because it has the fastest ttk and with rampage or kill clip, it can melt whole groups of people. According to destiny tracker it is used twice as much, and is the second most popular weapon in the crucible. Headseeker also seems like it could be really good, especially for someone like me who doesn't always hit their head shots :). Cookies help us deliver our Services. Why does bygones seem to be heavily favored over go figure? Go figure and the other 4 round burst, 450 RPM Pulse rifles TTK drops drastically if you don’t land (I believe 6 out of 8 bullets as headshots) when they become a 3 burst to kill rather than the usual 2 burst. If you dont perfectly land your two shots with aggressive archetypes they become garbage. Isn't a 3 burst from a 450RPM still faster than a 3 burst from a 390RPM? Typically, I only use go figure over bygones on longer range maps, where target tracking is easier and the extra range helps.


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