Othman definition: → Ottoman | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Meanwhile, Mwalimu passed on in 1999. Alfred took over as king of Wessex in 871 (bypassing his nephew Aethelwold, son of the late king Aethelred) in the middle of a year of nine major battles between the West Saxons and Vikings, which the former were lucky to survive. Even while Mwalimu [Swahili for “teacher;” how Nyerere is generally referred to in Tanzania] was still alive, I used to say half-jocularly that when the philosopher-king ceases to be a king—meaning he has left power—I’d like to do his biography. Because the King’s first duty is to the people, not politicians, and we are assured that we have a no-nonsense Monarch who is conscious of his role within the constitution. He did this in the spring of the 20th year of his reign (Nehemiah 2:1). It never came to pass. 2. Oath definition, a solemn appeal to a deity, or to some revered person or thing, to witness one's determination to speak the truth, to keep a promise, etc. a heavy, lustrous fabric of wool, silk, or other fibers woven with broad, horizontal ribs. See more. Of or relating to the Ottoman Empire or its people, language, or culture. According to Nehemiah, the Persian King Artaxerxes Longimonus issued a decree to restore and rebuild Jerusalem following the Babylonian destruction. (l.c.) It is a long story but I’ll cut it short. 1. mans A Turk, especially a member of the family or tribe of Osman I. adj. 4. : to testify upon oath. The actor playing King stood there, hands outstretched, his skin far from chocolate but a creamy buff. The Federal Constitution is always spotted in pictures of the King with the prime minister at their weekly Wednesday audience. Turkish. On our calendar it would have been March of 445BC.


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