It does catch moths, but apparently only male moths. - Results Guaranteed, PIC clothes moths trap / moth repellent / moth killer - 3x2 = 6 pieces - remedy against clothes moths, suitable for protection of all clothes and wardrobe storage, Faicuk Clothes Moth Traps Pheromone Moth Traps Sticky Moth Killer for Clothes and Carpet Moth (6 Pack), Theo's Home Care 10 x Pheromone Moth killers for Wardrobes. The outer packaging is also date-stamped with an expiry date - usually 18 to 24 months after you will have received it. Start with identification - are they clothes moths? In this case, use of a clothes moth killer kit combined with thorough cleaning and treatment of your clothing and the closet itself / surrounding areas will be necessary - closet moth traps however remain part of the solution, to both deal with any residual adult clothes moths, and avoiding a repeat infestation, as well as for ongoing monitoring. I had major trouble with moths eating my cloths and decided to give this a try. If you have Carpet Moths, please note that it will be the same species of moth attacking your carpets rather than the clothes in your closet. The keratin is a protein which gives them nourishment and enables them to grow to the point of pupation where they turn into clothes moths. 100% Natural Cedar Oil. It will not attract other species, Clothes Moth Traps and Carpet Moth Traps for use in closets, bedrooms and living rooms around the home. Constant vigilance is important once you are aware of the potential for a future infestation - clothes moths will breed prolifically if left undisturbed, particularly at times of warmer weather and / or higher humidity. We’ve chosen Feefo because they are an honest, unbiased, independent company who only invite genuine customers who have bought from our site to leave feedback. Rub in a little cooking oil and then wash with soap and warm water, Clothes Moth Traps help monitor for activity and reduce the moth population, The quality of the pheromones is critical to success, Chinese clothes moth trap pheromones tend not to work well, MothPrevention moth traps are engineered in Germany and do work, Design of clothes moth traps is an important part of their effectiveness, Positioning of your clothes moth traps is critical to success, Moth Traps are only part of the solution - clothing damage means you have larvae, It removes the male moths from the breeding cycle, reducing the females ability to lay eggs, It enables you to monitor the severity of the moth problem around your home as you can count the number of adult male moths that are caught over a period of time, Natural, non toxic and safe moth traps to use in the home, 3x the surface area of the Demi Diamond Trap, The Best performing Clothes Moth Traps on the market and exclusive to MothPrevention®. And the directions/occasional emails they sent left me with no doubt I’d set them up right. 4.1 out of 5 stars 39 £16.99£16.99 Sorry, there was a problem saving your cookie preferences. Refillable, Odour-Free & Natural Moth Traps from MothPrevention® | Natural, Non-Toxic and Safe to use Moth Traps | German-Engineered Moth Pheromones for Performance | Results Guaranteed, Outperforms the other well known brands such as PestStop and Acana, as well as the cheap Chinese sourced products - what you are paying for is the quality of the German Pheromones and our versatile proprietary pheromone moth trap design, A 3 pack of natural, non-toxic, safe to use moth traps. 4 cassettes per pack. I was thinking it would catch the female, egg-laying moths. This comprehensive Carpet Moth Killer Kit will enable you to eradicate moths from  2-3 rooms and help keep the pests away for at least 3 months. 5 CLOTHES MOTH TRAPS 5 CATCHER REFILL PADS AF DEMI DIAMOND, PIC Pantry Moth Trap – Kitchen Moth Traps – 6x – with Infused Pheromone Attractant – Odour-Free, Insecticide-Free, Non-Toxic, Safe Food Moth Killer, Entopest Pack of 20 Common Clothes Moth Pheromone Replacement Refill Pads, Clothes Moth Pheromone trap Refills (20)- Demi Diamond, STAFECO PHEROMONE CLOTH MOTH KILLER TRAPS Moth Prevention Carpet and Clothes Moth Repellent, Carpet Protection, (4 Pack), Acana Moth Monitoring Trap with Trap Refills, Moth Traps (4 Pack) for CLOTHES, CARPETS, WARDROBES & DRAWERS. This comprehensive Carpet Moth Killer Kit will enable you to eradicate moths from 1 larger room and help keep the pests away for at least 3 months. Below we have details about our Clothes Moth Traps and answered the most frequently asked questions from our customers - we’ve successfully helped over 100,000 customers so far! We have fumigated the rooms to try to prevent any further infestation and maybe the fumigation has overpowered the effectiveness of the traps.


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