I feel like I am suspended in air. It has taken the pain away from those pressure points. Around 3-4hrs in I would feel my back slowly be unsupported and I would bottom out to the foam base layer due to my weight and the heat I put off would cause it to soften. It is the most firm of the 3 Optimum model mattresses. So glad I purchased this mattress for my day bed! Who is commenting? I have had it for over six months now. I gave it a 4 stars instead of 5 because the mattress did not expand to 8" only 6". This is my first Sealy. However, the mattress is a lot harder than I expected. I weigh close to 300 lbs and I thought I would bottom out on the frame but I don't even come close to the bottom. I don't know what we were thinking when buying a foam mattress. Well, 6 months later I’m laying in a huge gully or canyon again. After a few weeks on it now though, I don't really notice the height difference anymore. We bought jersey sheets from walmart too, and they stretch and fit perfect on this mattress! It seems very durable and comfortable. Unfortunately, these mattresse are not always rated well for durability. This is the most uncomfortable bed ive ever slept on! The matteress is to soft. It sleeps wonderfully. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. When I sleep on it, in the morning my back is sore and does a lot of cracking. The outer layer is nice and soft to the touch, it is true to size so the sheets fit, which is great, it is soft yet supportive which is why I went with the memory foam/innerspring hybrid mattress. This is our second Zinus Spa Sensation Mattress. Was kinda sceptical because of the cheap price.... but we loved it!! I bought two mattresses. When I sleep on it, in the morning my back is sore and does a lot of cracking. Even with multiple layers of blankets between the top of the mattress and the bottom sheet, it's like trying to sleep on a warming tray. My boyfriend has been sleeping in the basement on the couch because of his work shift for the past 4 months. I returned to the website and their were no reviews but I searched some other mattresses with the same features and price points and discovered that it would, when unfolded, rise to it's full 12 inches and it did indeed have cloth covered coils (innersprings). My kiddos love hem on their new beds. My daughter slept on it that night and loved it. I had no issues with this from the box to my bed. I ordered this bed set on line with out trying it out big mistake. I love this mattress. I called Macy’s to complain since it’s under warrenty. This mattress is very comfortable. The competing company? Completely disappointing & extra frustrating. For most folks, these mattresses do a good job with edge support at the beginning, but some found that it wasn't as supportive as they'd like. Great price. I bought the 8" mattress and it is comfortable. I laid on the bed for 3 minutes and liked it so much I decided to purchase a king size for my husband and I. I bought both my kids one and they have never slept better. We bought this mattress 2 3/4 years ago and I've been having chronic severe back pain for over a year. I was gone at the time it was delivered at my house, the old mattress & box springs were gone and the new this set was on the bed. I let my mattress air out for like a week because the smell was bothering me after 2 days, so I gave it a week. It arrived on time. The tech measured the depth of the sagg and it was well over 2 inches in the middle. I've had mine since 2016 and I use for when I go camping haha. I have a full size spa sensation that is slightly different from this one and I love it. And fast shipping!! On a shorter than average basis, some sleepers have reported feel and durability issues. Yes, a box! I allowed over 24 hours for the mattress to expand. Its in the wash as we speak. It's really cool that you can order a mattress and have it shipped in a semi small box to your home! I bought 2 of the Optimum pillows which I slept on before my mattress was delivered. This is the most comfortable mattress. (: I love this bed. Perfect for my 5 year old! I was afraid that twin sized sheets wouldn't fit on it since it is hybrid, but they did. For few weeks, we were puzzled about how both of us were having same lower back pain in the morning, we were blaming it on the holiday shopping and other trips we made during the holiday season. I absolutely love it!!


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