This is beautifully designed, the oval cut with white moti design along with the floral joint justify the entire look. Hence, anyone can get the suggestion for there designer blouse. In fact, this can be worn with your stunning looking multiple styles of sarees. There are many ladies who love the traditional dress in silk cloth texture, especially saree. Other than that, the blouse piece showing your innerwear is not a good sight. This look is suitable for functions like mehndi, sangeet, marriage or reception. The deep back neck is sure to entice you. Here the entire base of the blouse is nicely designed with some floral and leaf thread work, the back is nicely-designed which seems quite attractive. Photo : House of Blouse. Otherwise, the rest part is … Therefore, choosing the neckline and pattern of the blouse is equally important. Blouse back neck design with the usual knot is simple and innocent look here. The cloth texture is also kept simple and innocent here. This design is covered at the end with lace which is a thin one and this is at the end of each cut part of the blouse design. Opt for something traditional and trendy. With the shoulder strings, using latkans are extremely in trend these days you can look quite stylish and young are there in such a design. There are multiple horizontal stripes at the back in 2 different colours. In this design, the concern is to give it an attachment through thread piece of pipes made by similar cloth. This design is suitable for any sangeet or other traditional functions. Surely, other women will want to praise you for your styling. Saree is the symbol of Indian tradition and we all love to wear designer sarees and blouses. For modern and bold women, this is the best design. This blouse back neck design with window like look is so very beautiful and unique. By. Now scroll down to check out chic blouse back neck designs that won’t overwhelm you to wear with your silk sarees. Blouse Back Neck Design With Window Look Image Source: Merina Prakash. It can be work in any functions like marriage, reception or any other occasion. Such blouse designs with sheer fabric at the back is sure to gain loads of attention at any event. The sleeves are so perfectly stitched as per the arms and the design which is bit different from the base part of the blouse, yet it justifies the whole look. Otherwise, the rest part is kept simple on which, some thread work is done. The bead work done over the thin strips makes is very modern, unique and stylish. Blouse back neck design with up and down knot is very attractive because of the cut at the back of the blouse and the work done at the end of the knot ties. This is a very heavy blouse design that is suitable for bridal and Grand occasions like weddings and receptions. The entire part of the blouse base is kept very simple yet classy the flower knot is the eye-catcher. The best thing about this blouse design is the back neck which is highly appealing. Because as beautiful and attractive the blouse design will be, as gorgeous the lady would look. You can get this type of blouse design and pattern stitched in other fabric but keeping the sheer net at the back part. This designer look is very comfortable to be worn and feels so special and cute. This design shares a modern look among blouse design in silk cloth texture. Women with all shapes and body types would prefer a saree as it hides the flaws and make you feminine and pretty. Younger women ad girls will find it suitable for their taste with that chic neckline. And these blouse designs will surely make you the talk of every party that you attend. Blouse definitely plays an important part in enhancing the look and elegance of your saree. Silk Sarees or pattu sarees are perfect to make you look beautiful, elegant and traditional.


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