His brother Giuliano and his dear friend Sandro Botticelli, both meet and fall in love with Simonetta, although in different ways. John Lynch (The Fall) has replaced Raoul Bova in the role of Pope Sixtus IV, while Rose Williams (Reign) has taken over the character of Caterina Sforza (previously played by Nicole Brugnoli). | The series was produced by Italian Lux Vide and Rai Fiction in collaboration with Frank Spotnitz's Big Light Productions.[2]. ... Show Printable Version. The series premiered in Italy on Rai 1 on 18 October 2016. History, 21.06.2019, joey4843. | Filming & Production Lorenzo has grown into a cruel determined man after his brothers death and vows revenge. Twenty years have passed since the events of the first season. The election of a new Pope is about to take place and Giovanni sends his sons Cosimo and Lorenzo to Rome in order to encourage the election of a Pope close to his family. Created by Nicholas Meyer, Frank Spotnitz. Recurring actor Sam Taylor Buck portrays Young Lorenzo in season 2. Credited with the main cast in the episodes in which they appear. Lorenzo, Piero's son, in order to avoid the fall of Florence, takes over the role of his father both in the government of the Signoria and as head of the family, avoiding the invasion. One of the questions that haunts Cosimo, is whether his father was murdered".[10]. crepes juice or soda? mixer (3 episodes, 2019), foley editor (uncredited) (16 episodes, 2018-2019), audio description mixer (uncredited) (5 episodes, 2018), sound mixer: dailies (uncredited) (1 episode, 2018), a.d.r. The Medici's candidate gets elected, which ensures to the bank of the Medici an unparalleled economic power. He soon has three children with Clarice, and they raise Giulio (Giuliano's illegitimate son) after his father's death. | 'Reign' chronicled the life of Queen Mary of Scots. Skin and Buonvino collaborated on a variation of the original opening sequence song titled Revolution Bones. [15], Netflix carries out the show in the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland and India since December 2016. The second season, titled Medici: The Magnificent, takes place 20 years later and tells the story of Cosimo's grandson Lorenzo de' Medici (known as the Magnificent). The Sforza figure prominently in the Showtime series The Borgias. Botticelli's interest is an artistic one and leads to the painting of Venus and Mars in which Simonetta is represented alongside Giuliano. Cosimo decides to trust Brunelleschi and the construction of the dome starts, bringing jobs and people to Florence. Medici Season 3 features Sanditon actress Rose Williams as Caterina Sforza Riario, a historic badass with a pivotal part in Episode 5 "The Holy See" This argument will eventually lead to a conspiracy against Lorenzo in an attempt to put an end to his power and his dream of a peaceful and culturally alive Florence. Medici (Italian: I Medici) is a historical drama created by Frank Spotnitz and Nicholas Meyer. Both Italian editions have the original audio track in English and the Italian-dubbed audio track. Several noticeable locations are used throughout the series, in addition to sets and sound stages: The creators took significant liberties with sets, often showing interior decorations, works of art, and exterior landscapes that were created many years after the events described in the series which occur in the mid-1430s. Cosimo falls in love with her but is then forced to leave her and marry Contessina de Bardi, a political marriage arranged by Giovanni and Contessina's father. ", "http://www.premioberenicecna.it/edizione/20-edizione/", "LA CHIOMA DI BERENICE 2018 - Le nomination - CinemaItaliano.info", Medici: Masters of Florence Dedicated Website, Genealogical tables of the House of Medici, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Medici_(TV_series)&oldid=989979624, Television series about the history of Italy, Television series set in the 15th century, Cultural depictions of Lorenzo de' Medici, Cultural depictions of Niccolò Machiavelli, Cultural depictions of Girolamo Savonarola, Depictions of Leonardo da Vinci on television, Articles containing Italian-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "Revolution Bones (Paolo Buonvino & Skin)", Best Original Composition in Television Programme Titles, Tatjana Inez Nardone as Emilia: Contessina's maid, Niccolo Alaimo as young Francesco (recurring season 2), Nico Delpiano as young Giovanni (season 3), Zukki DeAbaitua as young Giulio (recurring season 3), Marius Bizau as younger Girolamo Riario (recurring season 2), This page was last edited on 22 November 2020, at 02:54. The Sforza family have the greatest debt towards the bank and manage to make an agreement with Piero to erase their debts. It was also sold in Japan, Israel, and New Zealand.[17]. [3] The series follows the Medici family, bankers of the Pope, during Renaissance Florence. The series reached between four and eight million viewers on original airings. Official Sites Each season follows the events of a particular moment of the family history exploring the political and artistic landscape of Renaissance Italy. Company Credits Sergio Mimica-Gezzan directed all eight episodes in the first season. Twenty years later, Giovanni is mysteriously murdered and Cosimo and Lorenzo try to secretly investigate his death. On December 20, 2019 the full soundtrack I Medici (Music from the Original TV Series) was released by Sugar Music with a total of 47 tracks composed by Paolo Buonvino.[20]. Meanwhile, the political situation in the city is troubled by plots against the Medici family's power, and their vision for the future of Florence - which will then lead to the Renaissance - is in danger. The power of the Medici has consolidated over time, but an assassination attempt on Piero brings to light his mismanagement of the family bank. With Daniel Sharman, Alessandra Mastronardi, Synnove Karlsen, Sebastian De Souza. how did powerful families such as the Medici and the Sforza help spread renaissance ideas Other questions on the subject: History. He has a plan to increase his family power by making an agreement with the Church of Rome. [18] The opening theme song Renaissance was produced with the collaboration of Skin. Medici (Italian: I Medici) is a historical drama created by Frank Spotnitz and Nicholas … recordist (uncredited) (1 episode, 2018), special effects supervisor / special effects (16 episodes, 2016-2018), special effects senior technician / special effects technician (9 episodes, 2016-2019), special effects technician (8 episodes, 2016), special effects coordinator / floor special effects (8 episodes, 2016), special effects senior technician (8 episodes, 2018), special effects technician (8 episodes, 2019), visual effects coordinator / VFX Production Manager (24 episodes, 2016-2019), CG supervisor / cg artist / cg supervisor (24 episodes, 2016-2019), digital compositor: Stargate Studios Malta (24 episodes, 2016-2019), visual effects executive producer / visual effects producer (24 episodes, 2016-2019), Visual effects Artist, Stargate Studios Malta / visual effects artist (19 episodes, 2016-2019), visual effects supervisor / visual effects supervisor: Stargate Studios Malta (16 episodes, 2016-2019), digital compositor / visual effects compositor: Stargate Studios Malta (16 episodes, 2016-2019), visual effects producer: Stargate Studios Malta (16 episodes, 2018-2019), visual effects post supervisor (8 episodes, 2016), visual effects supervisor (8 episodes, 2016), assistant visual effects producer (8 episodes, 2016), vfx camera unit: Stargate Studios Malta (8 episodes, 2018), visual effects plate supervisor: Stargate Studios Malta (8 episodes, 2018), dmp artist: stargate studios malta (8 episodes, 2019), visual effects artist / visual effects artist: Stargate Studios Malta (7 episodes, 2016), Digital compositor: Stargate Studios Malta (7 episodes, 2019), digital compositor: Stargate Studios Malta (7 episodes, 2019), matte painter / compositor (5 episodes, 2016), visual effects artist / fx artist (5 episodes, 2016), vfx artist: Stargate Studios Malta (3 episodes, 2019), senior compositor: Stargate Studios Malta (3 episodes, 2019), visual effects artist: Stargate Studios Malta (1 episode, 2016), visual effects compositor: Stargate Studios Malta (1 episode, 2018), compositor: Stargate Studios (1 episode, 2018), second unit visual effects supervisor (uncredited) (1 episode, 2016), stunt performer / assistant stunt coordinator (24 episodes, 2016-2019), stunt coordinator / horse master (24 episodes, 2016-2019), assistant stunt coordinator / stunt double Richard Madden / stunt double: Daniel Sharman / stunt double: Bradley James / stunt double: Sean Bean (24 episodes, 2016-2019), stunt performer / Stunt Double: Giulio Corso (9 episodes, 2018-2019), assistant stunt coordinator (7 episodes, 2016), stunt double: Giulio / stunt double: Young Lorenzo (3 episodes, 2016-2018), stunt performer / stunts (3 episodes, 2016), stunt actor / stunts (2 episodes, 2018-2019), Stunt Double: Daniel Sharman / Stunt double: Daniel Sharman / stunt double: Bradley James / stunt performer (2 episodes, 2018), stunt double: Marco Bello (1 episode, 2018), stunt double: Richard Madden (uncredited) (8 episodes, 2016), stunt actor (uncredited) (1 episode, 2016), digital imaging technician: main unit (23 episodes, 2016-2019), digital workflow supervisor (16 episodes, 2016-2018), camera operator: "a" camera (15 episodes, 2016-2018), director of photography: second unit (15 episodes, 2016-2018), second assistant camera (8 episodes, 2016), digital imaging technician (8 episodes, 2016), first assistant camera (8 episodes, 2016), focus puller: "A" camera, second unit / focus puller: "c" camera (8 episodes, 2016), digital imaging technician: second unit (8 episodes, 2016), digital imaging technician 2nd unit (8 episodes, 2018), first assistant "A" camera second unit (8 episodes, 2018), data manager: dailies colorist (8 episodes, 2018), second assistant camera (8 episodes, 2019), Focus puller "B" camera (8 episodes, 2019), video assist operator 2nd unit (8 episodes, 2019), Focus puller "A" camera (8 episodes, 2019), data wrangler: main unit (7 episodes, 2016), rigging gaffer: second unit (7 episodes, 2019), first assistant camera: "b" camera (5 episodes, 2018), second assistant camera (2 episodes, 2016), focus puller: "e" camera (2 episodes, 2018), steadicam operator: second unit (2 episodes, 2019), additional second assistant camera (1 episode, 2016), second assistant camera: second unit (1 episode, 2016), second unit "b"camera operator (1 episode, 2016), focus puller: second unit (1 episode, 2018), assistant camera: second unit (1 episode, 2019), second assistant camera: second unit (uncredited) (8 episodes, 2016), extras coordinator: on set (16 episodes, 2016-2018), casting assistant / casting assistant: uk (16 episodes, 2016-2018), extras coordinator / casting coordinator (16 episodes, 2016-2018), head textile artist (16 episodes, 2016-2018), assistant costume designer (16 episodes, 2016-2018), wardrobe supervisor / assistant costume designer (16 episodes, 2016-2018), assistant costume designer / key set costumer (16 episodes, 2016-2018), assistant costume designer (9 episodes, 2016-2019), assistant costume designer (8 episodes, 2016), additional assistant costume designer (8 episodes, 2019), first assistant editor / post-production coordinator (24 episodes, 2016-2019), workflow manager (16 episodes, 2018-2019), data i/o management: digital dailies and colourist on set (8 episodes, 2016), post-production coordinator (8 episodes, 2016), post-production assistant editor (8 episodes, 2016), post-production coordinator (8 episodes, 2018), post-production supervisor (1 episode, 2016), location manager / location manager supervisor / location manager supervisor: Tuscany / location manager: Tuscany (24 episodes, 2016-2019), assistant location manager: val d'orcia / assistant location manager / assistant location manager: tuscany (16 episodes, 2016-2019), location manager: volterra / assistant location manager: volterra (16 episodes, 2018-2019), location manager: Rome, Lazio (8 episodes, 2016), location manager: mantova / assistant location manager: mantova (8 episodes, 2018), Composer Agent / composer agent (16 episodes, 2016-2019), additional music / composer: additional music (16 episodes, 2018-2019), copyist & score supervisor (8 episodes, 2016), assistant music supervisor (8 episodes, 2018), script consultant (24 episodes, 2016-2019), assistant script editor (8 episodes, 2019), production driver (16 episodes, 2016-2018), transportation manager (8 episodes, 2016), transportation: Dustin Hoffmann (8 episodes, 2016), transportation captain (8 episodes, 2019), transportation coordinator (1 episode, 2016), accountant / accounting (24 episodes, 2016-2019), social media manager (24 episodes, 2016-2019), assistant: Mr Spotnitz (16 episodes, 2016-2018), social media manager: ITA (16 episodes, 2016-2018), production assistant / assistant to producer (8 episodes, 2016-2018), assistant to Mr. Hoffman (8 episodes, 2016), assistant to location manager (8 episodes, 2016), assistant production coordinator (8 episodes, 2016), production coordinator (8 episodes, 2016), 2nd Unit Production Coordinator (8 episodes, 2016), assistant to Mr. Hoffmann (8 episodes, 2016), line producer assistant (8 episodes, 2018), Accommodation coordinator (8 episodes, 2018), assistant production coordinator (8 episodes, 2018), assistant to Daniel Sharman (8 episodes, 2019), Assistant to the Director (8 episodes, 2019), production coordinator (8 episodes, 2019), Assistant Script Editor (7 episodes, 2016), Director's assistant (5 episodes, 2016-2019), intern: Big Light Productions (2 episodes, 2016), assistant to Mr. Madden (uncredited) (8 episodes, 2016), production assistant (uncredited) (8 episodes, 2016), Dialogue Coach (uncredited) (8 episodes, 2018).


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