Parsley, is naturally slow germinating, and along with carrots and celery, parsley can suffer from having seeds with underdeveloped embryos. Seedlings can be harvest-ready in as little as 3 weeks. There's an old saying that the seed has to go to hell and back again 9 times before it sprouts. Parsley can sometimes be a tricky to start from seed although it is such a tough herb to grow once it is a bit bigger.. Several things can go wrong with it and I have a few tips for you here to make this a breeze: Tip 1: Be patient! Expect germination within 21 - 28 days. Parsley is ready to cut or harvest in about 70 to 90 days after planting. Parsley is not affected by hard frosts, and if protected it can be harvested all winter long. Parsley seeds an take a while to germinate. Parsley, at least with my limited research neither needs light or dark to germinate. Harvest parsley leaves any time during the growing season; cut them off at the base of the plant. Soaking seems to benefit germination. Parsley seed can be very slow to germinate. Seed grown plants are ready to harvest in 12 - 14 weeks. This means that once sown these seeds still need time to develop and mature before they can germinate. Parsley seeds are slow to germinate, and they may take between two and five weeks to sprout after they're planted. A 10-foot row of parsley will keep you and all your neighbors well supplied. Sow the seeds in the garden after the soil temperature has reached 50 degrees F, and to encourage faster germination, soak the seeds in warm water for a day just before planting.


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