They can be used on wood and metal surfaces, working on oil and water-based paints effectively. A.K.C. Great for using on water-based, and oil-based paints, this strong formula only takes around half an hour to work saving you time and helping you get the job done faster. Check that it works on wood first, then see if you can find one with the added benefit of removing paint on different surfaces. Ventilation – If you are working indoors then always make sure there is adequate airflow at all times, this includes before and after the work is finished. It doesn’t have a strong odor and is citrus scented to make the scraping bearable. safer than a lot of standard products. metal, fiberglass, and more. These products often have a strong fume, due to the VOC (volatile organic compound) content. Followed instructions used two coats and varnish stripped easily. If you are serious with the odor of your paint removing agent, this Amazon’s Choice is a magical option that has to be your It has been proven to make light work of paint and varnish, removing it from a variety of surfaces, especially detailed surfaces with grooves and lots of edges. You just can’t jump into the internet world and get confused with millions of opinions. Citristrip: This wood stripper is an orange gel, best on furniture details and flat surfaces since it is thin. Find paint strippers & removers at Lowe's today. With no harsh fumes and a pleasant citrus scent, it isn’t going to take over your house. The process uses gentle infrared heat in the form of rays to remove the paint, particularly in industries and manufacturing units. Always wear a mask when using a paint stripper, regardless of the type you use. The odd patch of peeling isn’t so strenuous to strip but still requires a quality product to get the job done effectively. Work outdoors if possible. Thank you for using Screwfix Q&A. This is an impressive all-rounder since it is capable of lifting more than just paint. At the end, it can be washed off using water and stays wet for longer which takes some of the strain out of the manual labor. Table of Contents [ show] Jasco Paint Remover If you are looking for a professional-strength paint remover, then I recommend getting this product from Jasco. Waste of money. The next paint remover for wood furniture up here is the Citristrip QCSG801 Paint & Varnish Stripping Gel. With a formula that is free-from NMP and methylene chloride, it is When choosing one of these products, however, it’s important to choose the best paint stripper for wood that’s available or else the person doing the work may end up with a brand that won’t get the job done efficiently. Non-flammable, and a trusted brand for many, it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals like methylene chloride. It is water-based and has a formula that is stronger to remove spray paint, lacquer, oil-based paint, and varnish. Highly effective non-methylene chloride stripper ideal for use by inexperienced DIYers as well as professional users. Order online at Because oil and water-based paint react differently depending on the product, it can be useful to find a paint stripper that works on different types of paint. Top layer did start to blister after the first coat/ hour, so was hopeful the second coat would do the job in full - no chance. We like the fact that it is biodegradable and plant-based although this does mean it needs to be left for 3 to 24 hours. The Sunnyside Gel Paint Remover is a fast-acting, powerful product to strip paint from wood in less time than conventional paint removers. Sunnyside Corporation is a popular brand that has a variety of products in home DIY. Water-based and safe to use, it is great for using on paints that are oil-based, water-based, and acrylics. This will be fine to use on brick. All the coatings blistered up and could be easily scraped off.


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