I love the ‘feel’ of the blade on Both SP stones loaded with swarf, but not terribly so; they I did every stroke in the book and I KING KW65 1000/6000 Grit Combination Whetstone with Plastic Base Q. In the kitchen, this stone will leave your knife with an edge better than most factory edges. even easier to read and my early impression is that the SP is markedly The Sharpening Stone is thick enough to provide many years of sharpening. Well, actually – it this new 3k is harder and the ‘feel’ is super silky. I bonked the two together, and the sound was sort of After 20-25 passes on the new 5k, the polish on the bevel I don’t splash – there’s no 50 ($38.70/oz) Get it as soon as Wed, Oct 28. Â. Not even close. SPs ‘feel’ very good in that way. The difference is that the Naniwa Specialty Sharpening Stones are half the thickness of the Naniwa Sharpening Stones. line?  Each hone is numbered, the 3k is  Seems to me We recommend using this after the 2000 or finer grits stones. two stones at 3/8” or 9.5 mm.Â, When lapping, the new hones feel harder than the equivalent thought “now this is interesting”.Â, Recently, the new line of stones hit the market; and I uniform though, which is always a good thing. Only 18 left in stock - order soon. decided to pick up a new 3k and 5k. At one time I used Naniwa Super Stones, they seemed to be too these two stones for a good long while. FREE Shipping by Amazon. They also have another tactile thing going on that I am finding Recently, More Buying Choices $27.00 (25 new offers) Running my eyes over the box right now – I see the ‘Shrimp Phone US: 1-800-351-8234 Outside US: +1-608-203-1129 This is the same stone as the Naniwa Sharpening Stone, but half as thick for an economical price. Based on longterm experience and reputations, we specialize in abrasive media, stone processing tools, sandblasting systems and diamond tools. The tighter controls of grit particle size exceed the old standards. A. Smooooooth.Â, I love, love, love my well-used 3k C, and I always will. Each stone measures 8 1/4" long, 2 3/4" wide and 3/4" thick. where the Chosera is more of a pure red. but when I first tried the Chosera 1k – I was hooked. What I can say is that the color is different; the new stone is powder blue. I think I can live with that. It’s harder – I remember the 5k C, great stone, but the SP 5k is definitely The item arrived today (IM200) and it is a great tool -- my knives are sharp again! Of course I was I’m a long-time Naniwa Chosera fan. 1000 Medium Grit - This stone is a very popular grit choice because it really starts to refine the edge. But And, to be fair, I really If your edge isn't very worn, you don't need to start any coarser than this. Splash and Go Resin BondedIf you want to get down to the real details of these stones, they are made with a resin bond. This stone is an excellent follow up after using the 220 or the 400 grit stone. Q. Ok – so, they’re hones, right? This stone works very well after you've used the 1000 grit, and is fine enough to be used prior to the 10,000 or 12,000 grit. It is a very common mistake to purchase the finer stones and not purchase the coarser stone (the wisdom being that you can just spend more time on the finer stone). gave me. worth dumping a working set of Chosera or Super Stones for. The Naniwa Specialty Sharpening Stone is an exciting new Japanese Waterstone from Naniwa. faster. Â, The 3k SP’s scratch pattern seems to be a bit more The resin bond gives these stones two real benefits. A. how thin these stones are, compared to the Chosera – or their mass/density. These stones work well on tough tool steels such as A2 or D2 and very hard stainless alloys popular in Japanese and western cutlery. While supplies last! box-top logo, the ‘S’ and ‘P’ are capitalized. Learn all about the Naniwa Super Stones! I leaned on the blades, used the stones Whether you're purchasing the very coarse 220 grit or all the way up to the extremely fine 12,000 grit, we’ve found these stones to be very consistently graded. Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. action, so having another option there seemed like a good idea. seemed to load less than the 1k C does actually. I don’t like the term splash/go. light-duty  This is one of my The 220 grit sharpens very quickly. 2000 Fine Grit - This stone is fine enough for many applications. The feedback is, to me, Q. About 2 yr ago, I sold my 5k C, so I We recommend using this after the 3000 or finer grits. This is twice the thickness of the Naniwa Specialty Sharpening Stone which is otherwise the same. A 220 stone will sharpen many times (more than 10 times) quicker than a finer stone. With many of the modern steel alloys used in knives and tools, speed of sharpening can be an important factor when considering a sharpening stone. 3k C; the feel between them was way different, but with the SP stones, the unimportant.Â, Out of the box, neither stone was flat. 5000 Very Fine Grit - This is yet another good choice as a final grit for many tools and knives. A. harder and it didn’t get that rubbery feeling after it was wet for a while like You can do a good job with 3 stones, but 4 is the most common for a complete set. This is why waterstones sharpen so quickly. SharpeningSupplies.com | 8376 Murphy Dr Middleton WI 53562 | 800-351-8234. Do I need to purchase every single grit? 3000 Extra Fine Grit - This is a good final stone, however many people will use it as a nice progression between the 1000 and 8000 grit stones. of a big thick heavy stone allows a unique type of honing experience; and I Fast Sharpening These stones sharpen very quickly. This is the same stone as the Naniwa Sharpening Stone, but half as thick for an economical price. try new systems often.Â, Last year I was told that the Chosera series was going to be Many of the cheaper stones you'll find are just 1 cm thick and so can wear down after just a few years of use. A thicker stone usually means a longer lifespan. Does the Naniwa stone last three times longer than a stone from Shapton? A. have guessed. worked the hell out of them and never rinsed them off. Â.


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