Neither is necessarily right or wrong; it's just a matter of what is more important to you. It explores the extent to which individuals in a society are integrated into a specific group, the ties that people have within their community and the perceived dependence and obligation on groups. The rights of families, communities, and the collective supersede those of the individual. In contrast, a 'good person' in individualist cultures is more independent, free-willed, honest, authentic, innate, solitary, assertive, unique, outstanding, determined, decisive, self-assured, strong-willed, perfectionistic, knowledgeable, dominant, leadership, objective, precise, data-wise, pragmatic, emotionally stable, and so on characteristics favoured for competing, or solitude, or both. The idea of collectivism is that the needs of the group take precedence over each individual in it. An example of how individualism versus collectivism may play out at a university is related to academic integrity. Does culture matter in decision-making? Where unity and selflessness are valued traits in collectivist cultures, independence and personal identity are highly stressed in individualistic cultures. It is of paramount importance to understand the striking differences between them. The proponents of collectivism consider their stand to be superior to those of individualists as they are morally superior thinking of the collective good of the group or the society. Individualism and collectivism are terms used by both social scientists and the public, but there are few systematic studies of this dimension. At a university in the United States where individualism is considered the norm, each individual student is expected and generally required to do their own individual work. Henry Byers Follow on Twitter Tuesday, September 10, 2019. According to Hofstede’s cultural model, a national culture may encourage individualism or emphasize collectivism. This proves that individualism is not antithetical to collectivism. The words, collectivism and individualism, themselves make the meaning clear. People simply take their culture's stance for granted. Individualism vs. Collectivism. People are encouraged to do things on their own; to rely on themselves, Czech Republic (post-communist generation). Collectivism and individualism deeply pervade cultures. The stereotype of a 'good person' in collectivist cultures is reliant, generous, altruistic, politically correct, white deceit, yielding, codependent, sensitive, needy, hesitant, responsive, held accountable by others, disciplined, uniformed, peer pressured, outgoing, agreeable, fellowship, loud, stimulating, disturptive, solitude-averse, privacy-averse, slavish, submissive, freedom-averse, masochistic, and all other characteristics (as seen to individualists) that are favoured by the Lawful Evils in the moral alignments originated by the game Dungeon & Dragons. A point I'd add is that within any national culture, there are innumerable sub-cultures associated with different regions, industries and even organizations. However, one child refuses to accept that their neighbours are inferior because of their skin color and he goes on to be friendly with the neighbours. Racism is a good example of collectivism where the good or bad an individual of a particular group has done is attributed to the whole group. Individualism and collectivism are on opposite sides of the fence, so to speak. It is the opposite of individualism which is common in North America, Western Europe, New Zealand, and Australia. An oft quoted example is the suicide versus homicide rates in both countries. Terms of Use and Privacy Policy: Legal. Answer: Individualism can be defined as putting the interests of the individual above those of the group. Asian cultures, by contrast, emphasize cooperation and view people as groups rather than distinct individuals, which is known as collectivism. However, both countries tend to prefer doing as a group than doing somethings separately. Cultures are typically divided into two categories: collectivist and individualist. Promotes individual goals, initiative and achievement. A person is all the more admirable if they are a "self-made man" or "makes up their own mind" or show initiative or work well independently. The foundation of individualism lies in one’s moral right, to pursue one’s own happiness. Elders who instill collectivist rejection rules in youngsters are often rejected by foreign direct investment from individualist capital. He taught that individual happiness is the basis of a good society and saw the state, with its "laws and regulations more numerous than the hairs of an ox," as the persistent oppressor of the individual, "more to be feared than fierce tigers."


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