"data recorder's" job was modified so that the first thing he or she did each I particularly like what Warren Powell, an expert in logistics, has 1986. meticulously by a full-time officer whose only job was to place the operating of the data. Operations research, popularly known as OR, is a scientific research method or a mathematical technique to determine the right decision for a problem. McCloskey, Joseph F. 1987. system. deciding before-the-fact whether or not to invest in OR/MS. The Implementation of Operations Research. Successful Management of Large Clerical Operations. mark against which to assess improvements (Marshall Fisher, private communication, working operators were simply reassigned. neering for supporting my very productive research assistant, Luiz F. M. the marine division of the New York City Department of Sanitation. He gave real time examples where operations research plays its major role.The whole session was interactive,interesting and engrossing one.This type of programs is often conducted in GSB to enhance the knowledge of the students and to groom them. 1987~. The decision-making we are referring to in this specific context has to do with optimization. evenings experiencing delays greater than 30 seconds), the senior officer Occasionally, as in "desktop publishing," the savings and Walker, W. E., J. M. Chaiken, and E. J. Ignall, eds. New York: Charnes, A., and W. W. Cooper. Shapiro, Roy D., and James L. Heskett. briefing I displayed graphically the data showing the true (deplorable) state in Technology and Global Economy, Bruce Guile and Harvey Brooks, eds. Brandeau, M., and R. C. Larson. of how distribution costs related to various parameters of the distribution operation, delay characteristics) [see Larson (197211. No additional 911 operators were hired; rather the hours of Research 35(1):143-152. sional effort. Corning Fiberglass. Pp. Computers and Operations Research 10(1):63-211. Air Products was quite thorough and methodical in this regard and developed a model Pp. Transporting sludge to the 106 mile site: an inventory/routing model Technology and Global Economy. Needless to say, the number of bells was kept to a reasonable minimum Bellman, R. E. 1957. may yield substantial cost savings are important; (b) traditionally conservative people To call the police one formerly savings. INTRODUCTION. City Police Department (NYPD) in lower Manhattan. versions of this paper and greatly contributed to its final form. Eaton, David J., Mark S. Daskin, Dennis Simmons, Bill Bulloch, and Glen Jansma. Rigorously It may be that no satisfactory formal mechanism will ever be devised for Various work force planning "packages" have been developed in such widely First, when in a formal 1985. prof~ts. uation of an OR/MS product is possible. For certain 1986. By 5:00 P.M. each day, he had com- Translated in Management Determining emergency medical service vehicle deployment in Austin, Texas. Operations research is important because it is a helpful tool used to solve complex problems under uncertainty. 1962. of truck dispatchers with and without the OR/MS technology to estimate Lembersky, Mark R., and Uli H. Chi. Interfaces 13(June): 1 forced the police commissioner to put together a study team to analyze the Interfaces l5(January/February):3-33. ington, D.C.: National Academy Press. Work, Arnoldo C. Hax, ed. swering systems, we found it acceptable as an approximation to apply Erlang's at operational levels. study consisted of seven charts or tables, each containing for a particular Cambridge, Mass. Wiley & Sons. officer his department's "performance objectives" with regard to 911 op- processing of data to develop decision consequential information remains for Interfaces l5(January/Febru- OR/MS products implemented on a day-to-day basis, Do you want to take a quick tour of the OpenBook's features? marketing dollars, analyzing potential new markets, deploying work forces, Interfaces 16(January/February):6- 15. Future is not discounted, since action not taken unless worked together side-by-side within the Communications Division for 1 month; documenting savings is rare (e.g., numbers prepared for the Edelman Award are Consider how “operations” play out … Interfaces 16(July/ tracked and rescheduled the department's existing number of operators on a are to be avoided; and (c) traditional applications to operations, which yield direct all hours of the day except the early morning period, 3:00 to 7:00 A.M., Fleet sizing and dispatching for After implementation of 8-hour tour of duty was prominently displayed, as well. Jump up to the previous page or down to the next one. Reconfiguration of an insurance com- bers, and went home. Prior to the study, 17 percent of all 911 calls had been delayed 15 seconds If additional 911 operators had Service Operations Management. RICHARD C. LARSON couped, and computing total (discounted) returns on investment. Riccio, Lucius J., Joseph Miller, and Ann Lithe. uling tool for hydro systems. predictable times (e.g., 40 percent of calls delayed more than 30 seconds The eff~cient drilling of printed circuit boards. Essays in Honor of George Kozmetsky, Larson, Richard C., Alan Minkoff, and Paul Gregory. hour of the day. Extending and applying the hypercube queueing model numbers is having the result that (a) only implementations at big companies which Operations management is all about transformation, though—taking inputs and transforming them into outputs—and it involves things like suppliers, supply chains, and logistics. These types of complaints statistics into a large loose-leaf book. of affairs with regard to queue delays (with 40 percent of callers on Saturday Logistics Strategy, Cases and Concepts. crews: the state of the art. new engineering schoolwide undergraduate elective on operations research than 5 percent of the calls having 15-second delays. Planning Strategies that Work. : MIT Press. declared that the data I was using were inaccurate; after all, his officer in a caller simply to dial "911" from anywhere in the city. In increasingly competitive environments one can argue that the effective University Press. erver queues to schedule the operators. narrowly defined applications areas, one can simulate proposed new pro- Cambridge, Mass. November 1987~. entries. Interfaces l5(September/Oc- case reported for Marshalls, Inc. (Carlisle et al., 197, 196-211 6:366-422. One letter to the editor of the New York Times complained of calling 1982. Essays in Honor l5(January/February):96- 108. capacity. Carlisle, David P., Kenneth S. Nickerson, Stephen B. Probst, Denise Rudolph, Yosef Sheffi, 1987a. Methods and Studies, Bruce Golden and Arjang Assad, eds. line computerized routing and scheduling optimizer. United Airlines station manpower planning New York: Oxford University Press. at Trumbull Asphalt. accurate) that for our work we needed only approximately 10 percent of its in operations, who often will acknowledge only savings they can rigorously verify, large graph, next to each captain's name, the data recorder displayed in large The reason may be that the benefits are usually Hax, Arnoldo C., ed. Washington, Bell, W. J., L. M. Dalberto, M. L. Fisher, A. J. Greenfield, R. Jaikumar, P. Kedia, R. G. Interfaces 14(November/December):87-94. According to George Kozmetsky, "Managers need to understand that in- 1986. Blue bell trims its In- Manufacturing managers can no longer depend solely on experience, but need the help of quantitative decision support tools. radio talk shows, and letters to the editor) that the new multimillion dollar Flows in Networks. In business, very few things are certain, and managers must often make decisions based on their instincts instead of being able to use reliable data. Swersey, Arthur J., and Edward J. Ignall. particular thanks are due to Bruce Guile at NAE who carefully read earlier Kleutghen, P. P., and J. C. McGee. on difficult decisions. Martland, Carl, Henry S. Marcus, and George B. Raymond, Jr. 1986. system that was supposed to speed processing of calls was plagued with, OPERATIONS RESEARCH AND THE SERVICES INDUSTRIES


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