To smoke sausage using a smoker, soak the wood chips in water for 30 minutes and heat your smoker to 200 °F. Hang your links from smoke house sticks or place them on racks. re: How long to smoke chicken sausage? This means a number of things: As stated above, the longer you cold smoke… Make sure that keep below 4 hours and internal temp reach 165°F for the best result. How Long to Smoke Raw Sausage. To high of a tempature will cause the fat in the sausages to melt, and you will end up with a wrinkly sausage that will be grainy. Cold Smoking Smoke flavour is more effectively imparted to meat when it is raw. Hot Dogs. Beef Sausage. Some people aim for 155 degrees Fahrenheit, which creates a pretty tender sausage that only needs to be smoked for about 2-3 hours. Next, drain the excess water from the chips and transfer them to the smoker's chip tray. Posted by golfntiger32 on 4/23/17 at 6:57 pm to lsu1987 My guess, based on smoking fresh brats, would be around 1.5-2 … It takes place between 105 and 140 degrees F, and generally requires from one to three hours, although recipes vary. For chicken, you should be at 170 degrees in the center of a link. I find 3 to 4 links to work best. The Smoker Vs the Charcoal Grill If you don’t own a smoker, but would like to experience the delicious flavor of smoked chicken sausage, you can use your charcoal grill. Pre-heat your smoker and make sure your generating good smoke before adding sausage. For the raw sausage you want to smoke at a lower tempature, i would shoot for 200 degree's. About 2 hours at 250-275°F or until internal temp reaches 165°F. Different types of sausage can vary in time though and that is why it’s best to use instant read thermometer to check internal temperature. On average, sausage will take about 2 – 3 hours to smoke. The steps are straight forward: Gather your linked sausage into easily handled bunches. QUICK SMOKING NOTES. However, others will smoke for more extended periods (between 8-14 hours) at lower temperatures and pull the sausage when the temperature hits 175 degrees Fahrenheit. There is no reason you can't air dry your sausage before taking it to the smoker, as long as the humidity isn't too high. Hot smoking flavors and cooks the sausage with hot smoke. Chicken sausage. Then, put the sausages on the smoker rack, spacing them 1 inch apart, and close the smoker's door. Cold Smoking Sausage. How Long Does Sausage Take To Smoke? How Long to Smoke Sausage at 225. It about 3 hours to smoke sausage flip them every 45 mins. Meat starts to cook at 50° or 120°F so the cold smoking process takes place (below 30°C or 85°F) exclusively with raw meat.


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