Raw sugar is made where the sugar cane grows and white sugar is made from the raw sugar in the country where it is needed. Coconut sugar is a healthier alternative to white sugar. The rest is glucose and fructose. Simple syrup, or liquid sugar, is a 1:1 ratio of granulated sugar and water. In order to make sugarcane crystals pure white, the sugar is usually processed with bone char; beet sugar does not require this step. The mix is then boiled to get rid of any extra water and so white crystals will form. Coconut sugar is 75% sucrose. The carbohydrates and calorie content are similar to white sugar. To make the raw liquor into pretty white sugar crystals, a carbon decolourising station absorbs the colour, and an ultra violet light sterilises it. The sugar beet is sliced into thin strips called cossettes. However, variations of granulated sugar exist. Although the final sugarcane product does not have bone in it, this distinction is important to many vegans and other vegetarians who seek to minimize animal suffering. As the moisture diminishes, the natural sucrose in the juice begins to crystallize. You make it using the sap of flowers from the coconut palm tree. Contrary to the common belief, you don’t make coconut sugar from actual coconuts. Granulated white sugar is fully processed and refined. These get separated from the syrup in a centrifugal again, and then dried with very dry air, ready to be packed. Caster sugar, often called for in recipes originating in the United Kingdom, is granulated sugar that has been ground fine. Sugar cane is grown in tropical and sub-tropical parts of the world, including South Africa, Brazil, India, Mauritius and the West Indies. The common ‘sugar’ (sucrose) used is made up from glucose and fructose and is extracted from sugar cane or sugar beet. After harvesting the sugarcane or sugar beets, the juice is extracted and boiled down to remove moisture. 5.These thin strips are mixed with hot water to extract the sugar and a lime solution is added to the raw juice to remove any impurities. In the United States, some supermarkets sell fine-ground white sugar. 6.The syrup is filtered, heated and seeded with tiny sugar crystals, which grow into the required size. White sugar is the crystallized sucrose extracted from either sugarcane or sugar beets. This refers to all forms of cane and beet sugar, including white sugar, brown sugar, molasses, turbinado, and the sugar found in many processed foods like sweets, soft drinks, and desserts. The sugar crystals are then washed, dried and cooled. The history of man and sugar is a subject in its own right but suffice to say that, even today, it isn't easy to ship food quality sugar across the world so a high proportion of cane sugar is made in two stages.


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