Drinking hojicha, matcha or any other green teas throughout the day can help to reduce cholesterol levels. Enjoy the rich and naturally sweet taste of Japanese roasted green tea. Along with removing all bitterness, the roasting process gives hojicha its signature earthy aroma, its reddish-brown color and a unique smoky taste. Each variety of premium roasted green tea in our collection offers unique characteristics, while containing no additives and no unnecessary blending or processing. Our original roasted green tea recipes will transform your favorite snacks and desserts forever. Hojicha is a Japanese green tea that originated in Kyoto 100 years ago. Hojicha Powder is the easiest way to experience the naturally sweet taste and the pleasant aroma of Japanese roasted green tea. The Differences Between Matcha and Hojicha Powder. It won’t keep you up all night. Lowers Cholesterol Levels. Hojicha Powder is the easiest way to enjoy the sweet taste and the pleasant aroma of Japanese roasted green tea. Crafted exclusively in Kyoto. Matcha & Hojicha Fusion Latte. When it gets cold, we love sipping on Ginger Roasted Milk Tea made with fresh ginger root and Hojicha Powder. We bring expertly roasted green tea to your cup in its purest form. Unlike traditional green teas, hojicha is roasted after the leaves are steamed. Hojicha’s benefits are very similar to other green teas. Steam 180 ml of your preferred type of milk. Mango Hojicha Latte. The powdery form and the distinctive roasty flavor of Hojicha powder are also suitable to make sweets such as cakes, cookies and puddings. The green tea leaves are then expertly roasted to bring out the distinct notes of cocoa and earthy undertones that distinguish this unique Japanese tea. Make the perfect hojicha latte by whisking together a teaspoon of Hojicha Powder and 60 ml of warm water. The rich fragrance of roasted green tea provides a relaxing, therapeutic effect similar to essential oil aromatherapy. The superfine Hojicha Powder makes the perfect hojicha latte at the cafe or at home. Although it has a lower amount of catechins, Hojicha powder is a pretty good source of antioxidants that help prevent cell damage and aging. Want to get exclusive offers and updates on new releases? Experience the most authentic Japanese roasted green tea directly from the fields of Kyoto. This Hojicha Challah Braided Bread is soft and sweet with an eye-catching twist. Just like matcha powder and other Japanese green teas, it contains antioxidants that help you maintain good health. OH!CHA Hojicha Powder (500g) - Premium Hojicha Tea Made From Organic Roasted Green Tea Leaves, Baking Powder, Latte Powder, Rich and Aromatic, Japan 4.3 out of 5 stars 41 $29.95 $ 29 . Hojicha is the perfect flavor to impress friends and family! Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device, choosing a selection results in a full page refresh, press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Roasted green tea offers many of the benefits of traditional green tea while containing virtually no caffeine. Our authentic Hojicha Powder is made from tea leaves grown in the fields of Kyoto, the famed tea growing region where it first originated 100 years ago. Use our loose leaf hojicha or our ground hojicha powder to make hot and cold beverages, or sweet and savory dishes. Therefore, using Hojicha powder is quite convenient when you want to make quick drink like Hojicha tea and Hojicha latte. … Matcha is of bright green color, especially when it is of ceremonial grade. When autumn leaves begin to change to vivid reds and deep browns, there is no better time to get cozy with a tasty Maple Hojicha Latte. Discover customer favorites with featured recipes made with hojicha at home.


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