SONGLYRICS just got interactive. Album: Millennium, Vol. Artist: Jason Derulo. Fight for you Lyrics: Seems to me we got issues / Insecurities are fighting agianst us / Why we gotta act this way / I know I'm more than your last bae / Talking about how we gonna make it / We can't Fight for You Lyrics: If I could lie to stop the truth, I would, but I can't deny / If I could stop from missing you, I would, but guess what? Review: RIFF-it. Fight for You Lyrics. Heyo! The Dreaming - Fight For You Lyrics. Jason Derulo - Fight for You Lyrics. Highlight. Fight for You Lyrics Übersetzung. You made your bed So go and lie in it You got your kick I hope you choke on it Is this what you want Because its what you get You've dug you Heybabumbaya Heybabumbaya Ich würde für dich kämpfen! 16. RIFF-it good. Es wir viel brauchen, um mich von dir weg zu zerren.. Da gibt es nicht was hundert Männer oder mehr jemals tun könnten Ebenso wie der Regen in Afrika Es wird etwas Zeit brauchen, aber ich weiß, du bist es Wert darum zu kämpfen Ich würde für dich kämpfen! There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do Just like the rain down in Africa It's gonna take some time but I know you're worth fighting for!


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