The Fender America Ultra Stratocaster keeps its traditional vibes while adding modern features for the new-age player! If you’re not eager to spend that much, the company has plenty of other Stratocasters to tempt you with. For 2020, Fender’s flagship American Elite line has been superseded by a new series: American Ultra.Although American Elite instruments were only introduced to the catalogue at Winter NAMM 2016, at the launch of Fender’s Songs learning app in New York back in October, Fender CEO Andy Mooney explained that the company had streamlined its product lifecycle from seven to four years. The Fender American Ultra Stratocaster is a powerful, advanced, super-versatile axe for the modern player! Personally I don’t much care for any of these but if you want a guitar that stands out from the crowd then their unusualness may appeal. Touted as the “most-advanced modern guitar” by Fender, the American Ultra … The Fender American Ultra Stratocaster is available in Ultraburst, Aged Natural, Plasma Red Burst, Arctic Pearl, Mocha Burst, Texas Tea, & Cobra Blue. Incisive tone will suit some styles better than others, Fender American Performer Stratocaster (2019) review, Vintera models retail at as little as £689, Stratocasters endorsed or inspired by notable players, Fender American Performer Stratocaster review: A refined yet energised update, Best electric guitars 2020: The best electric guitars from Fender, Gibson and Yamaha, Fender American Ultra Stratocaster review: An exquisite top-end guitar for performers with deep pockets. Epiphone SG Prophecy Blue Tiger Aged Gloss, Fender MIJ Boxer Series Stratocaster HH Limited Edition Inca Silver, Fender MIJ Boxer Series Stratocaster HH Limited Edition Sherwood Green Metallic, Master Volume (with S-1™ switch), Tone 1 (Neck Pickup), Tone 2 (Middle and Bridge Pickups, 2-Point Deluxe Synchronized Tremolo with Pop-In Arm. Both SSS and HSS configurations have a street price of £1,739. “Hot” in this case doesn’t mean louder, but rather more forward and excitable: I found both neck and middle pickups clearly had more top-end attack than regular Stratocaster pickups, while the mid-range was more restrained. As you’d expect, the American Ultra Stratocaster sticks very closely to the classic Strat design. Not only are the contours comfortable, but they give the body a sleek and attractive look as well! It’s a guitar that is synonymous with the very idea of what an electric guitar should be. All Ultra Stratocasters also come with cream pickup covers, save for the humbucking pairs in HSS models, which are housed in contrasting cream and black. For a start, as I’ve mentioned, they proudly bear the Fender Noiseless brand: if you mostly play in studios where everything is properly grounded and shielded then that might be moot, but for gigging it’s reassuring to know that you can rock up at soundcheck and not have to worry about unexpected hum and buzz. We dig this feature, showcasing the American Ultra's superior versatility. Fender American Ultra Stratocaster Review. From the front, the only real giveaway is the gold-foil Fender logo applied to the headstock. Fender American Ultra Stratocaster review "This feels like that old familiar friend from Leo Fender’s brilliant mind, given a very well considered modern overhaul" £1,859; $1,899; By MusicRadar 14 … Fender has unveiled the American Ultra Series, the successor to the company’s top-end American Elite line of guitars. Our Strat measures 20.7mm at the 1st fret and 22.2mm at the 12th; our Tele is virtually identical at 20.9mm and 22mm, which would indicate that little has changed, perhaps just a slightly fuller shoulder in lower positions. The new range includes two Strats, a Tele, a Jazzmaster, a Precision Bass and two Jazz Basses. A … No doubt about it, the American Ultra Stratocaster is an exceptional guitar. Your mileage will, of course, depend on your hand size, playing style and so forth – a good reason, as if you needed one, to try out the Ultra before you spend the money. Indeed, onlookers almost certainly won’t recognise what they’re looking at, which might be a bit disappointing after all the money you’ve paid for it. Expert Reviews™ is a registered trade mark. The American Ultra Stratocaster also retains the Elite’s unique Modern D neck profile, with rounded fingerboard edges; this gives it a particular feel that’s quite different to the Deep C shape of the American Professional or the Modern C used on the Player and Performer models. Painful playing positions and limited fretboard access are a thing of the past thanks to Fender's tapered neck heel and sculpted rear body contours. The new Fender American Ultra Stratocaster has been tweaked to make it the most perfectly playable Strat yet, but we're even more smitten by the Tom Morello signature Stratocaster. Sign up in minutes and receive instant approval. From its sparkly finish to its outspoken tone, it’s an instrument that radiates confidence and musicality.


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