. Eygon of Carim is an NPC in Dark Souls 3.. Eygon of Carim Information. Though she is surrounded by the bodies of fire keepers, she keeps her sight. Do we have any other reason to do her light path other then getting another fire keeper? Why is the required tomes for the light path not written in the questline guide? where the unsettling, bad ending is seen as best, and the nice, dream fulfilling ending is worst. Please, your touch… The little creatures, how they nip and bite…", Have a pleasant journey, Champion of Ash.I pray for your safety. If the player does this without. Welcome back.I was not meant to be a Fire Keeper, but I am honoured to serve you beside the Bonfire.The gods are ever-merciful. you can touch her without eygon's gauntlets. Where have you been? ", Oh, thank you, sweet Champion.I shall take my vows.I, Irina of Carim, solemnly swear to serve you. Ahh, who's there?Is someone there, anyone?The dark surrounds me, nibbles at my flesh.Little creatures, they never stop biting.So please, hold out your hand, and touch me...", Ahh, yes, there you are, so close indeed.Then I am not entirely alone, just yet.Praise the merciful gods above... (gesture)Oh, forgive me.I am Irina of Carim.I came to this land so that I might be a Fire Keeper.Your touch has freed me from the darkness. ", Selecting "Touch" (after "rescuing" her from Eygon and wearing Morne's Gauntlets), Oh, you again, touch me, one last time.And kill me, as you promised you would. You still wish to converse?Don't worry about me. >do good thing >get literally nothing, not even lore, and all she does is move to a location that is less convenient than levelling up at the bonfire >do bad thing >get a unique hammer and shield, get access to hexes early, and still have a period to buy miracles before she gets killed weird quest. I've long dealt in dark. Well she does give her consent, so I think it's ok. Man these last two comments made me laugh out loud. Her good ending is kinda boring. ", Oh, sweet Champion of Ash.Let souls be your strength...", "Talk" command (after "rescuing" her from Eygon), Ahh, ahh, please, someone, touch me.The dark, surrounds me, nibbles at my flesh.Little creatures, they never stop biting.So please, hold out your hand, and touch me...", Selecting "Touch" (after "rescuing" her from Eygon), Ohh, is there no one near to touch me?Keep these things from eating away at me. It is unclear if, after her 'light' path, she becomes a fire keeper or merely able to level you with souls. also some very sinister lines from bringing in the ashes. These stories would not please you...Of course, if you insist, I will read them for you.Only, ahh, ahh, they frighten me so.The little creatures that nibble at me in the darkness...", Ahh, Champion of Ash, welcome back. My gratitude lies with them, and with you.I am yours now. Also, it was borne by several early Christian saints and is popular among Eastern Christians. I am frightened. © Valve Corporation. What triggers eygon to take her? if u kill her as firekeeper u get a murky longstaff. She is on my list of people to protect, and I won't let her go down the path of torture, and death. Is the quest stuck forever because the londor tome is not accessible to him this playthru? its important to know.... her storyline has no downsides for its dark even achievement wise, basically by completing her story you force yourself to murder her anyway if you want her items. When she becomes a fire keeper she acts strangely, like she's not all there. You are a Champion, then?I am weak, and unfit to tend the flames.But if it would not trouble you, might I enter into your service, instead? . Any insight? I was her champion of ash I will never cause her any harm! . Do you wish to hear a tale? I only get the option to touch her or ignore. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=670184936. Talks about icky crawly things constantly tho. Personally, I try not to buy all the miracles from her in one playthrough.


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