Kodak’s first Digital Camera System was based on a Nikon F body. Photograph: Don McCullin Giles, you have spoken before about how reading Don… Because of its near-indestructability, the F was de rigeuer among Vietnam war photogs such as Larry Burrows, Tim Page and Don McCullin. Don McCullin grew up in London’s war-ravaged Finsbury Park. At Prey Veng, east of Phnom Penh, the Vietnamese forces he was accompanying were ambushed twice within a few days. As a new exhibition of work by Don McCullin opens in London, Fiona Macdonald takes a look at gripping images of war and poverty by one of Britain’s greatest living photographers. For more than 50 years, McCullin primarily used 35mm film cameras with his favorite focal lengths: 28mm and 135mm. Sir Donald McCullin attends the new Royal Academy of Arts opening party at Royal Academy of Arts on May 15 2018 in London England. During the early years of World War II, that area was hit with more than two dozen high explosive bombs dropped by German planes. English war photographer Don McCullin with Olympus camera in the Philippines 7th November 1986. McCullin is a film man and loves Kodak Tri-X. Film director Clive Booth, cinematographer Chris Clarke and Sir Don McCullin’s manager, Mark George, tell the behind-the-scenes story of how they made the documentary film, McCullin in Kolkata. Art & Design | Don McCullin Is a War Photographer. This camera saved Don McCullin's life. The second time, he was badly injured by a mortar shell. At the time they had an exhibition featuring Don McCullin’s work from his war photographer days, which really helped sparked my interested in photography. DON McCULLIN Irreconcilable Truths. It was also extremely rugged—Don McCullin’s Nikon F suffered a direct hit in Cambodia famously saving his life—and became the go-to camera for photojournalists during the Vietnam War. Don McCullin has been filmed discussing his photography many times during his long career, but rarely has he been shown shooting in the field. The first time, McCullin was saved by injury by his Nikon F camera which stopped a bullet. The bullet damage can clearly be seen. This three-volume boxed set is the definitive retrospective of the life and work of Don McCullin: one of the 20 th Century’s greatest photographers.. Leica I 1925. Approaching evening, looking from Don McCullin’s house during winter 1991. His camera has captured conflict from Northern Ireland to Vietnam. The camera responsible for kicking off the 35mm revolution and thus the birth of photojournalism. ... You may also know him for being the photographer who got saved by his camera, 1968 in Cambodia his Nikon F took an AK-47 bullet which was intended for him. English war photographer Don McCullin in the Philippines 7th November 1986. What Camera Does Don McCullin Use? At the age of 15 in 1950, he left school and joined the National Service as a photographic assistant in the Royal Air Force. In 2012 he started using Canon 5D cameras and continues to use them alongside his medium and large format film cameras today. An exhibition at Tate Britain in London shows some of his finest work.


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