Quantum field theories fall into roughly two classes: "gapped" It covers the physics of black holes and neutron stars, including accretion, particle acceleration and gravitational waves, as well as their observable consequences: (neutron stars) pulsars, magnetars, X-ray binaries, gamma-ray bursts; (black holes) X-ray transients, tidal disruption and quasars/active galaxies and sources of gravitational waves. Third term [not offered 2020-21]: Topics in contemporary research. In many cases, conformal field theory is a tool used to study other interesting phenomena. This course focuses on exploring the fundamental underpinnings of experimental measurements from the perspectives of responsivity, noise, backaction, and information. The aim is to motivate and explain the relevant terminology and in particular to discuss fundamental examples of CFTs in detail. Second term: quantization of light fields, quantized light matter interaction, open system dynamics, entanglement, master equations, quantum jump formalism. If you notice any mistakes, or want to add anything, add an 4. Conformal invariance in d-dimensions. 3. background is appropriate. Ph 106 a will be devoted to mechanics, including Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formulations of mechanics, small oscillations and normal modes, central forces, and rigid-body motion. There Lecture notes can be found here. No prior experience with electronics is required. will be a few problem sets each quarter, which will be posted on this Prerequisites: Ph 7, Ph 106 a, Ph 125 a or equivalents. Prerequisites: Ph 125 ab or equivalent, or instructor's permission. Conformal Field Theory typeset by walker h. stern The following notes were taken from a course given at Universit at Bonn during the summer semester 2016 by Dr. Hans Jockers. In the advanced computational lab, students will hone their computational skills bu working through projects inspired by junior level classes (such as classical mechanics and E, statistical mechanics, quantum mechanics and quantum many-body physics). Chen. Please use LaTeX. Come talk to me if you aren't sure whether your The course will review problem solving techniques and physics applications from the undergraduate physics college curriculum. theories of quantum gravity), gapless theories have enhanced One meeting per week plus student projects. 4. Units in accordance with work accomplished: Occasionally, advanced work involving reading, special problems, or independent study is carried out under the supervision of an instructor. (CFT). Prerequisites: Students should have some background in Not Offered 2020-21. An introduction to elementary particle physics and cosmology. Each team will be guided by an instructor who will meet weekly with the students; the students are each expected to spend an average of 4 hours/week in the laboratory and the remainder for study and design. For example, students will An introduction to independent research, including training in relevant professional skills and discussion of current Caltech research areas with Caltech faculty, postdocs, and students. Conformal Field Theory 6 families of theories that are defined on surfaces of arbitrary genus. Next semester (Spring 2016), I will give a graduate course on two-dimensional conformal field theory. Course Synopsis: 1. trivial" at long distances. It will cover a condensed version of the world-sheet formulation, then basic elements of the target space physics, after which we will discuss interesting phenomena/applications, such as T-duality, D-branes, anomalies, building semi-realistic models of particle physics from string compactifications, etc. The theory of quantum information and quantum computation. applications to statistical physics, condensed matter physics, Students must have working knowledge of vector calculus, ODEs, PDEs, complex variables and basic tensor analysis. The first term will cover the essential fundamental underpinnings, while topics in second term will include examples from optical methods, high-frequency and fast temporal measurements, biological interfaces, signal transduction, biosensing, and measurements at the quantum limit. This course provides an introduction to particle physics which includes Standard Model, Feynman diagrams, matrix elements, electroweak theory, QCD, gauge theories, the Higgs mechanism, neutrino mixing, astro-particle physics/cosmology, accelerators, experimental techniques, important historical and recent results, physics beyond the Standard Model, and major open questions in the field. Not offered 2020-21. Advanced solution methods such as singular perturbation, Sturm-Liouville and Green's function analysis will be taught in class as needed. be final presentations at the end of each term. Prerequisites: Ph 125 ab or equivalent or instructor's permission. Offered in alternate years. We will use a combination of The aim of this course is to give a basic and very mathematical introduction to elementary CFT. A one-year course in quantum mechanics and its applications, for students who have completed Ph 12 or Ph 2. In many cases (from boiling water to magnets to Approval of the student's research supervisor and departmental adviser must be obtained before registering. Students should have at least some background in quantum field theory and general relativity. The course is based on a mixture of ginsparg's applied conformal field theory, hep-th/9108028 and schottenloher's a mathematical introduction to conformal field theory. fall off exponentially with distance, so gapped theories are "almost Examples will be selected from properties of materials, geophysics, weather, planetary science, astrophysics, cosmology, biomechanics, etc. Points. Ph 136a will focus on thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, random processes, and optics. issue on the issue tracker, or even make a pull request!. I will be updating them as the course goes Mathematical methods and their application in physics. Not offered 2020-21. Offered: Winter and spring terms, 2017-2018. Permission of the instructors required. This course is an introduction to condensed matter which covers electronic properties of solids, including band structures, transport, and optical properties. analytical and numerical techniques. Not offered 2020-21. Advanced topics in condensed-matter physics, with emphasis on the effects of interactions, symmetry, and topology in many-body systems. Prerequisites: Ma 2 and Ph 2 abc, or equivalent. Applications of classical physics to topics of interest in contemporary "macroscopic'' physics. Prerequisites: Ph 2 ab or Ph 12 abc, Ma 2. The main emphasis is on laying the foundation for understanding current research that utilizes cold atoms and molecules as well as quantized light fields. In gapped theories, correlations fall off exponentially with distance, so gapped theories are … This course is about conformal field theory. The course description can be found in the page for this course. Continuum physics and classical field theory; elasticity and hydrodynamics; plasma physics; magnetohydrodynamics; thermodynamics and statistical mechanics; gravitation theory, including general relativity and cosmology; modern optics. Possible areas include introduction to ultracold atoms, atomic clocks, searches for fundamental symmetry violations, synthetic quantum matter, and solid state quantum optics platforms. Tuesdays. Students will use operational amplifiers, analog multipliers, diodes, bipolar transistors, and passive circuit elements. functions, and how to use convex optimization to derive bounds on This course will explore the frontiers of research in particle physics and cosmology, focusing on the physics at the Large Hadron Collider. Thus, neurobiology is used as a motivating factor to introduce the relevant algorithms. Topics will include the renormalization group, phase transitions, universality, scale vs. conformal invariance, conformal symmetry, operator product expansion, state-operator correspondence, conformal blocks, the bootstrap equations, bootstrap in d=2 dimensions, numerical bootstrap methods in d>2, analytical bootstrap methods, introduction to AdS/CFT.


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