I work in our county’s courthouse building, which is the annual home of a pair of peregrine falcons. I’m researching this and find that it’s really a law. Eagles are literally perched in trees all around me and fly overhead all day while fishing and hunting. None of my firearms have ever hurt anyone nor will they. Your daughter can pick up as many dove feathers as she wants. You have no proof you didn’t kill the bird and throw it on the ground, and even if you found it, it still is NOT LEGAL TO POSSESS! This is dangerous and is likely to cause you to fall ill assuming there are bad bacteria on the feathers. Nice explanation of the incorrect, constitutional democracy as to the actual, constitutional republic. As non-Native people, I honestly have no issue with the picking up of NATURALLY fallen/shed feathers but I do strongly advise legal caution to protect yourself. While the reason for the law is sound, the penalty is absurdly heavy-handed and is an unreasonable infringement. (I call these snackbirds.) It is only illegal to pick up and keep protected or endangered bird feathers. etc. So you may absolutely posses Crow feathers (may be dependant on state) if you have a valid upland bird stamp for them on your hunting license etc. Any rule that makes a little girl cry has to be a bad rule. Hope this helps in understanding the whys and wherefore. What face with a. Mankind can try but will never be capable of deciding the fate of the planet for betterment. Explain to her that many sacred bird species to many Native American tribes are now extinct due to these reasons and that these native people are unable to use them for ceremonial reasons due to these extinctions, helping to break down and destroy cultures along with multiple species of bird. But for as long as we can we plan to try to be good stewards and to teach our son to respect the land and the animals that grace it. If A New Comment Is Posted:Do Not Send Email Notifications.Send Email Notification ONLY If Someone Replies To My Comment(s).Send Email Notification Whenever A New Comment Is Posted. http://www.featherfolio.com/blog/guide-to-legal-and-illegal-feathers-in-the-usa-updated. To accept this situation is wrong and should be opposed. And To make owning a Gun illegal is the most STUPIDEST THING I have ever Hurd. Unfortunately the laws are made to protect birds from being slaughtered by bird murderous assholes who greedy want to profit.birds are sacred to me.all lives matter. Here is a link to the Migratory Bird Act. That’s EXTREMELY disrespectful to the Eagle and tradition. The USA is a nation very similar in most ways to the other constitutional democracies of the world. …absurd. Another county employee who doesn’t come up to my floor very often saw them the other day and told me I could get fined, so I came here to check. the worlds going to end. I pick them up and feel gifted…I don’t hunt or trap animals or birds. They all look like Canada geese but they are all different. So how do you justify a shaman gifting another spiritual healer with one for spiritual ceremonies? Their fallen feathers are abundant and if they weren’t removed from the lawn, our mower would be spitting them out. Illegal to have in North America: ALL hawk feathers; ALL eagle feathers; ALL owl feathers; ALL osprey feathers; ALL falcon feathers; ALL vulture feathers. ), Best Rabbit Anti-Chew Spray (And How to Use It! It’s recommended to use gloves and/or a bag to pick up the bird feathers as safely as possible. The people who should be fined and jailed are the ones who wrote and enforce such a stupid law. The founders decided against a democracy as they always devolve into the majority abusing human rights and stealing from the minority, and historically always failed. How majestic they are. To fine a person for picking up a feather is insane and against the principle of presumed innocent until proven guilty. ” What the hell does that mean? That’s when he’s arrested and fined $100,000 for possessing a feather illegally. They were feasting on a deer. The child is not killing animals or birds. Since certain species aren’t protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, picking up and possessing their feathers is perfectly legal. Walking in woods near lake pontchartrain in sw La I happened up on at least 25 golden eagles. They haven’t had any positive effects. I am certainly all in for whacking poachers of our birds of prey, but I think it is really nuts to find a person guilty for simply having a feather. How in GOD’S name is picking up a feather bad? Those who call for the constitutional democracy seem to be those who ignore or state our constitution incorrectly, cherry picking and changing the meaning(s) of phrases and words at will and whenever it suits their current purpose. The people who are going to kill the birds or steal nests and eggs are going to do it whether there is a law or not, they don’t care or they wouldn’t do it in the first place, just like anything else that is against the law…abuse to any living thing, robbery and murder. Wrong. Is it safe to pick up bird feathers with your bare hands? If America had been on the ball about this earlier, there might still be great herds of majestic by roaming the plains. We give harsher sentences for animal and enviromental “abuses” than we do crimes against others talk about ass backwards. Perhaps we can hire a small clerks office who can tell. LOL .. really ? There are only a few birds that’s feathers would actually pose a problem such as an eagle hawk or owl other than that as long as you don’t run around screaming that you have an illegal feather nothing happens and even if something did it’s like a 10 fall or fine. Being gifted an Eagle feather is a great honor. Think on that as you reach for that feather next time. It is to be kept safe and secure at all times. Bulk Box Order – You’ll receive a total of 100 total gloves to suit any office or service need. I’m Lakota so I guess that makes me exempt from this law? That is so fucked,natives poaching sacred birdies. Almost all US states have a Crow hunting season. You would look at them and not notice that one species is much larger then the others in the flock. One day we will be able to tell the difference between a havested feather by plucking or one that was shed. They treat the animals horribly, e en the baby chicks. (And How To Keep…, How To Get Rid Of Bird Mites On My Bird (And Which…, Best Bird Harness For Your Bird (And Which One to Buy! It is stating that you are guilty of some crime, even before you have the opportunity to prove yourself innocent. With that line of thinking, everything fun would end up being illegal eventually. Agreed, Annabella. Thank you for that advice. Unless you live in an area where endangered or protected birds are common, you should be ok! They get ya coming and going. I, myself have, use and wear sacred feathers such as Hawk & Owl and various others. Those countries are Canada, USA, Mexico, Japan, and Russia. Taking guns away from law abiding citizens only hurts the people that aren’t contributing to the problem. Or that one is much smaller.but it looks like a Canada goose. etc. It breaks my heart that my child can’t pick up a couple dove feathers that are laying in my backyard. It is the person using the gun in an evil way that is a murder machine. Don’t get caught with those feathers, then. Ya just gotta look at the good and bad balance of all things. As far as I’m concerned, humans had the opportunity to do right by this animal and they took advantage of it. – Charles Schulz. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'bornforpets_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_12',120,'0','0']));Bird feathers should not be picked up with your bare hands as they can be covered with bacteria leading to short and long-term health concerns. The Eagle Feather Law allows the collection of Golden Eagle and Bald Eagle feathers for religious purposes by Native Americans. You will also find a complete list of the birds that are covered by it: https://www.fws.gov/birds/policies-and-regulations/laws-legislations/migratory-bird-treaty-act.php, Your email address will not be published. In china, where they breed geese for down and most of the down feathers in the U.S. come from – they tie the animal’s feet together, put a foot on a delicate wing or gracefull neck and painfully pull the feathers WHILE THE BIRD IS ALIVE. Just my humble opinion. Whether you were gifted it to you by the Eagle his/herself or a tribal and/or family member. .. ever fired a Black powder rifle? Buy a hunting license. You could also use a stick to pick up the feathers or a bag, if that is the direction that works best for your situation at home. I pick up feathers which have been molted or are leftovers when a bird has been eaten by other animals. If it all checks out there’s no problem. ), Best Gloves for Picking Up Bird Feathers (EDITOR’S CHOICE), Tips On How To PIck Up Bird Feathers Safely. We don’t need your ignorance passed down. Would like to know how we are to PROTECT OUR SELVES FROM THESE EVIL PEOPLE OR A DANGEROUS ANIMAL ? It is “Canada geese” not “Canadian geese”, just so you’ll know…. wait until midnight and flush them down the toilet? In all, about 573,000 birds, including 83,000 raptors — eagles, hawks, falcons and owls — perished in wind turbines in 2013, according to a study published by Wildlife Society Bulletin.


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