Of course, a business architect may manage a business architecture project or contribute to an overall plan, but he/she is not a project manager. Your continued use of our site indicates your acceptance. Define the set of strategic, core and support processes that transcend functional and organizational boundaries; identify and describe external entities such as customers, suppliers, and external systems that interact with the business; and describe which people, resources and controls are involved in the processes. Capture the relationships among roles, capabilities and business units, the decomposition of those business units into subunits, and the internal or external management of those units. Business architects come from diverse backgrounds. A business architect is NOT a solution architect. The primary focus is the business motivations, business operations and business analysis frameworks and related networks that link these aspects of the enterprise together. By building on the structure and organization of this outline and customizing it with your specific job … Enterprise Business Capabilities Map Key Deliverables include (but not limited to): Capability Model, Capability Heatmaps, Capability Maturity Assessments, Capability Impact Assessments, Capability Health Assessments & Capability Roadmaps, Works closely with Domain architects and leaders to develop domain roadmaps, Works closely with solution/technical architects to deliver business architecture artifacts needed for End to End Architecture & Solution Architecture Approach deliverables, Presents recommendations and solutions clearly and concisely and is able to focus on key points to portray the intended message or purpose, Advocate and drive adoption of “best practices” to ensure standardization of business architecture outputs across the enterprise, Takes an active role in enterprise portfolio investment strategies by assessing and rationalizing proposed enterprise capabilities, Business thinking and highly strategic in order to define practical solutions that align with corporate strategy, Effectively manage priorities, deliverables and timelines with little need for escalation. Our company is looking for a Business Architect to join our team. initiatives of a company with their business processes 3. Sometime I describe what the Business Architect “does.” Other times I describe what the Business Architect “accomplishes.” Yet other times the inquirer really wants to know what “skills” the Business Architect should possess. To add to this, the emphasis of the business architects on artifacts, rather than outcomes, and a general feeling that many are ivory tower deliverables have exacerbated the issue. Strategic Business Architect Handbook Please read the relevant policies. $2,499.00 – $5,999.00 The primary focus is the business motivations, business operations and business analysis frameworks and related networks that link these aspects of the enterprise together. Enterprise Architects are responsible for the overall enterprise modeling, and big-picture thinking – encompassing business architecture, information architecture, application architecture, infrastructure architecture – and hence business architects work hand-in-glove. Mr. Balmes is a Senior Business Architect and Change Management Consultant with a natural talent for improving business effectiveness by integrating Business Architecture into the enterprise. Capture the tactical and strategic enterprise goals that provide traceability through the organization and are mapped to metrics that provide ongoing governance. There is no new information or creativity included in the description. Accountable for a specific LOB, business pillar or multiple segments, and high level of complexity and attributes, Recognized as top level expert with significant in-depth and/or breadth of expertise in their in a complex field and knowledge of broader related areas, Senior specialist providing advisory services to executives, business leaders and governs the requirements for own work, Integrates knowledge of the enterprise function’s or business segment’s overarching strategy in leading programs and projects within one or more areas of expertise, Anticipates emerging business trends and regulatory/risk issues as a basis for recommending large-scale product, technical, functional or operations improvements, Advises on execution strategy and leads the development and deployment of functional programs or initiatives within their own field or across multiple specialties, Solves unique and ambiguous problems with broad impact; typically oversees standards, controls and operating methods that have significant financial and operational impact within the context of their own field, Uses innovative thinking to develop new solutions, Impacts the technical or functional direction and resource allocation of part of an enterprise function or business segment, Engages stakeholders to take action; Serves as a source of expert advice, influences change; frames information in a broader organizational context, Provides leadership guidance, makes recommendations and collaborates with business to ensure solutions meets the business needs on a complex project or program, Identifies and leads problem resolution for project/program complex requirements related issues at all levels. Provide architectural solutions for business organizations to address structural issues that hinder achievement of company goals 2. However, in reality, in many large companies, the role of a business architect has devolved into an appendage of IT and has run into ambiguity about the specific nature, deliverables, and intended outcomes from the position. Sign up for updates and receive a free copy of Capability Modeling Overview. Some of the role clarity issues go all the way back into the genesis of the practice, the type of practitioners and their past background, and lack of awareness and ambiguity among business and technology leaders. However, given the nature of business architecture as an interdisciplinary and multi-functional practice, the following backgrounds and experience will business architects in good stead. A broad, enterprise-wide view of the business and varying degrees of appreciation for strategy, processes and capabilities, enabling technologies, and governance, The ability to recognize structural issues within the organization, functional interdependencies and cross-silo redundancies, The ability to apply architectural principles to business solutions, The ability to assimilate and correlate disconnected documentation and drawings, and articulate their collective relevance to the organization and to high-priority business issues, Experience using model-based representations that can be adjusted as required to collect, aggregate or disaggregate complex and conflicting information about the business, The ability to visualize and create high-level models that can be used in future analysis to extend and mature the business architecture, Extensive experience planning and deploying both business and IT initiatives, Experience modeling business processes using a variety of tools and techniques, Exceptional communication skills and the ability to communicate appropriately at all levels of the organization; this includes written and verbal communications as well as visualizations, The ability to act as liaison conveying information needs of the business to IT and data constraints to the business; applies equal conveyance regarding business strategy and IT strategy, business processes and work flow automation, business initiatives and IT initiatives, and benefit realization and service delivery, Team player able to work effectively at all levels of an organization with the ability to influence others to move toward consensus, Strong situational analysis and decision making abilities.


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