Following the end of Episode 1, Elizabeth finds herself in a dream-like "Paris", which quickly turns into a nightmare after meeting Sally. Follow the platform out into the next room and look down at the room below. Press F to knock on the door. The Little Sisters were conditioned to use these vents by educational posters in the Little Wonders Educational Facility in Point Prometheus. When you regain control, help Elizabeth open the door and then follow her over to talk with ... Damage Boost 2: $357 Hand Cannon: A Little Sister Vent as seen in BioShock's trailer. © Valve Corporation. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A Rosie Big Daddy helping a Little Sister get into a vent. At these locations, the Splicers hold services and offer themselves up to the Little Sisters to have their ADAM harvested. The Little Sisters are the only thing small enough to fit into these vents and crawl through them, therefore they can use them as a means to safely move around the city without a Big Daddy. The vents in Dionysus Park, like the one seen to the left, are rusted and covered in barnacles, muck, and starfish. Little Sisters cannot survive the Harvesting process. One of three vents in the multiplayer map of Dionysus Park. BioShock Infinite Chapter 27 ... Gear: 1 Prosperity Plaza. I tried various keys, but haven't had any luck with how to do it. Get to the door to board the airship. All rights reserved. oh god im getting this issue.except the cutscene with that doesnt even trigger. I didn't see the key message...was looking elsewhere and missed it. Players of the original Bioshock Infinite will recognize the words here. I want to lift Elizabeth up into the vent, but I don't know how it is done. After approaching and interacting with a vent, the player is given the option to harvest or save the Little Sister. When you bring an Adopted Little Sister to a Vent, you will be given the final choice to Rescue her, purging her of her ADAM-induced madness, or Harvest her, taking her valuable ADAM for yourself. Boost me up! The plot is, in the finest tradition of the Bioshock series, filled with twists and backstory, so I have decided to focus on just one scene, starting at 19:15 in the video below. It is set in 1912 in Columbia, a beautiful flying city ruled by an oppressive theocracy. Press F to comfort Elizabeth. Bioshock Infinite (PS4) Trophies. In the first episode of Burial at Sea, heating vents take on a similar role to the Little Sister vents. After approaching and interacting with a vent, the player is given the option to harvest or save the Little Sister. A saved Little Sister crawling into a vent in 1968. Rescuing gets you a much smaller amount of ADAM, but the Little Sisters may make it worth your while. Bioshock: Infinite - Boost Elizabeth into vent. Go to the window and distract Daisy. I wasn't expecting something as simple as the "F" key !!! BioShock Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. After this, you will have to boost Elizabeth into a vent and then watch a scene through a window in which Elizabeth interacts with another character. A Little Sister who has done two Gathers can lead you to the nearest Vent. ... You mean that when you got to the vent, you didn't get the message to boost her up by clicking the F key ? Multiplayer: Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack,, The Little Sister Vents and Thermometer in. Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. Other vents have been decorated by the Little Sisters with crayon drawings. I tried various keys, but haven't had any luck with how to do it. Working ... you will have to defeat a Handyman. Elizabeth figures out how to get Sally to them: closing the vents found throughout the department and turning up the heat will force her to come out from one particular vent; the last one to be closed. Home > Games > Bioshock: Infinite> Large Screenshot > Games > Bioshock: Infinite> Large Screenshot I want to lift Elizabeth up into the vent, but I don't know how it is done. Get up and light Elizabeth's cigarette. BioShock Infinite. When they do not have a Little Sister with them, they roam to the nearest vent and pound on its rim. Just choose the stuff that you know for sure that you're going to use, don't even be shy about spending ADAM on it when you can, just don't buy everything just for the sake of buying everything. On levels where Jack has already rescued or harvested every Little Sister, lone Big Daddies roam around and continue to pound on the vents, but no Little Sister comes out. Throughout Rapture, there are numerous holes in the wall surrounded by metallic decoration. Description: Increases HAND CANNON damage by 25%. In BioShock 2, vents are one of the only locations that Subject Delta can directly interact with an adopted Little Sister. Erm, have you tried going near the vent and then pressing the key that it tells you to press when you're near interactable objects? Then I was trying to figure out how to get Booker to actually lift her up there. The art deco stylized leaves and plant stems motif designed on the metallic plate insinuates that the vents may all lead — possibly through a pumping system — to Arcadia, transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from them. Some areas of Rapture contain vents that are in disrepair with water flowing over or out of them. If it were me, I'd quit the game, open again and hope the trigger gets activated. The noise summons a Little Sister out. Poster reminding Little Sisters of Vent Usage. After a brief conversation, walk over and interact with the window above to boost Elizabeth up into a vent. [Flowing lights flow into Elizabeth.] Your External IP. In BioShock 2 I maxed out one attack plasmid (lightning) and every other utility plasmid and could've upgraded everything else if I wanted to as well. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). DAMAGE BOOST 1. A pair of frosty splicers and 6 regular splicers will enter the room via the same door we came in from. Press F to set destination. Now turn around and get ready to defend yourself. At first, the vents provided an easy means for the Sisters to seek out and access corpses. Instead of listing out its every facet for you, this spoiler-free guide will focus on the most useful weapons, Vigors, and Gear items. Comstock: What I do, I … However, the names of the vents were simplified to seem more innocent and friendly, as they are nicknamed 'Hidey-Holes'. Proceed this way to the next door. BioShock Infinite – Game ... C'mon, Booker, we've -- we gotta get in there. Elizabeth kills her. Press and hold _ to ask her to lead the way. Usually three vents can be found in every multiplayer map for BioShock 2. Throughout Rapture, there are many vents that have been decorated as shrines by the Rapture Family. Boost Elizabeth into vent. Go! A saved Little Sister crawling into a vent in 1968.


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