No alterations, just chord tones. I’ve practiced many hours in my life. The C bebop scale works over a C7 (or C9 or C13) chord; the C major bebop scale works over a Cmaj7 (or Cmaj9 or C or C6) chord. But some practice sessions still manage to stand out among the vast repetition, for one reason or another. There is also the Bebop scale which is not dominant. Chris K. is a saxophone player based in New York City. The bebop scale gets its name from the bebop era of jazz in the 1940s and early 1950s. The same bebop scale works over the ii and the V; and the same major bebop scale works over the I and the vi. It was probably several people at once who just intuitively figured out that it’s an effective scale. Drummers started to depend less on the kick drum and more on the cymbals (ride and hi-hat). If you want to learn how to play jazz, be sure that you are taking a big step by reading this article! JAZZ STUDIES & A complete book of jazz technique studies and exercises for al! He is available for teaching lessons in the NY/NJ area and his Musika teaching profile can be found here. The fast tempos, the rapid chord progressions, the constant melodic and harmonic motion, the chromaticism. The bebop scale is extremely  effective, but provides very little variation. Using the bebop scale over ii-V’s The next. This Bebop scale, known as the major Bebop scale, is used over major chords. 1 “How To Play Jazz And Improvise” will give you a good foundation to play ANY style of music. Thus, the passing note may end up having the same length as the other notes. Examples: Charlie Parker, Bud Powell, Oscar Pettiford, Duke Jordan, Miles Davis, Tommy Potter, Al Haig, Thelonious Monk, Sonny Stitt, Max Roach, Lucky Thompson, Fats Navarro, Kenny Dorham, Kenny Clarke, Milt Jackson, Charles Mingus, Roy Haynes, etc. He talks about practicing the bebop scale in fast successive repetitions (what he calls jazz calisthenics), but he also explains several techniques that are directly related to the scale. Download and print in PDF or MIDI free sheet music for Bebop Dominant Etude in the Key of B-Flat arranged by Rex Djere for Saxophone (Alto) (Solo) Need Help Finding a Teacher? The bebop scale is an integral part of the bebop language, and necessary to understanding it. instrumentalists. A great solo makes use of arpeggios and scales, of wide intervals and close intervals. You’ll see why this scale is especially practical for use in bebop music. The book is a systematic approach to practicing and utilizing the bebop scale in complex and creative ways. They’re in the names. The difference is everyone already uses and knows the “blue note”, but the Bebop scale on the other hand, is only known by few. This text deals with many technique issues jazz musicians encounter in the real world. There is also the Bebop scale which is not dominant. The chord/scale relationships of the bebop scales are self-explanatory. The theory behind the bebop scale seems simple enough. Soon … He was the head of the jazz department when I attended Indiana University. He goes over how to effectively use the bebop scale starting on any chord tone, using arpeggiations to extend the scale, as well as techniques called enclosures and deflections. We will show you a feature here that is extremely used by jazz musicians; and that can also be used in any musical style. My consciousness was immediately raised. Today you may use the blue note of the blues scale very well, but notice that this blue note sounds cool only within a peculiar style that you developed (this involves a certain dynamic, accentuation, among other things that your brain is already programmed to do when you think of a blue note). One of these sessions took place during either my freshman or sophomore year of college. The book is a systematic approach to practicing and utilizing the bebop scale in complex and creative ways. Internalizing the bebop language through listening, studying, and playing is a fundamental part of becoming a great jazz musician.


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