Attending the APVMA conference (whether as a group or alone) or attending veterinary study abroad programs or veterinary travel programs can also be a great way to enhance your application and build your pre-vet support … Have creative answers ready for commonly asked questions like “why are you interested in veterinary medicine” or “why are you interested in this particular school?” You should also try to find out what sort of interview your schools of interest plan to conduct -- phone, panel, multiple mini interviews (MMI), etc. Keep a log that documents your hours working in a vet clinic as well as all other animal-related internships and volunteer activities. If you only need to take one or two remaining prereqs, or if you want to take additional electives to boost your GPA, you’re not out of options! Applicants are able to apply for up to four veterinary courses and one other non-veterinary course. It doesn’t matter if you’re halfway through college and just switched to pre-vet, or in your last year and haven’t taken the GRE yet. Then, make a tentative schedule for each of your remaining semesters, keeping in mind how much time or mental energy each course will take. Instead, focus on learning each concept that is tested. The popularity of veterinary medicine has created a highly competitive admissions process for the available seats in each vet school class. You should also plan ahead for any courses you still need to take. As I mentioned earlier, some schools have been getting rid of the GRE requirement, so make sure to check specific requirements first! Third, reflect on your day-to-day experiences and jot down any special event, or feelings, that you can later incorporate into your personal statements. Yes, I’m not actually in veterinary school yet. Harvard Extension School is a good example – they offer both a degree post-baccalaureate program and individual courses. What worked for me may not work for everyone, but if you like having a structured study plan and want to get the GRE over with as soon as possible, I highly recommend Magoosh. A good way to search is simply by looking up the school’s address on google maps and searching for potential places nearby. UC Davis and Washington State University are two examples. Dress nicely and do your best to appear calm and collected when meeting the interview panel. Remember, you must have covered subjects like Biology, Zoology and Chemistry in your graduation as these subjects will help you in the admission process. The deadline … A more thorough list can be found on the AVMA website here. This path takes a lot of planning but I promise it’s a journey that is doable and worth it! Diversity in Veterinary Medicine: Creating a Safer Space for POC, Things You Need for Vet School While Classes Are Online, Day in the Life of a First Year Vet Student During Quarantine. Start building these relationships early on – get involved with their research, go to office hours, participate in class, become a teacher’s assistant or tutor for the course, etc. Most vet schools require the computer-based GRE (Graduate Record Exam), though some schools also accept the MCAT. That doesn’t mean you have to travel across the world to work with elephants, or spend an entire summer internship at an aquarium! Don’t focus on the number of questions you get right (yet). The very first thing you should do if you’re thinking about applying to vet school is to figure out your timeline. Third, and most importantly, vet schools are clear about what they’re looking for in applicants. This involves a bit of research on your part, and it is also wise to attend open houses and other events at each school if possible. You might already be familiar with the general requirements: prerequisite courses, GRE, veterinary experience, etc. VMCAS is the centralized application service for Colleges of Veterinary Medicine. Apply to Select Schools . It basically packs all the required courses into 2 or so years. Depending on your own schedule you may need less or more time. I was able to squeeze my studying in between work and night class using this method. You should take some time to explore the VMCAS web portal and learn about the procedures you will need to follow to submit and pay for your applications. I couldn’t fit in all my prerequisites in undergrad, I didn’t have a lot of large animal experience, and I didn’t have the perfect GPA, but I still got in to my dream school. Find Out Each School’s Admission Requirements, Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Start Your Application, Become Familiar with the VMCAS Online Application System, Here Are Some Tips On How to Get Accepted Into Veterinary School, A List of Things to Know About Veterinary School, Are You Too Old to Go to Vet School? Applications to study veterinary science are handled through UCAS. Even though vet school itself is 4 years, it can take just as long, if not longer, to prepare yourself beforehand as a strong applicant. Whether you were unable to complete a prerequisite in undergrad, or you’re just starting the pre-vet journey, your gap year is the time to complete it. Some schools, like Tufts and Cornell, no longer require the GRE, so make sure you check each individual school’s website to confirm any changes. These tips are based on my own experience and the lessons I learned along the way, and are meant to help you stay on the right track as you get ready to apply to vet school, whether that’s months away or years away. Mary Hope Kramer is a former writer for the The Balance Careers covering animal-related jobs. While it sounds extreme, it’s totally possible and is worth considering. I remember that was me a several months ago… or a week ago. Due to the high number of applications received each year, the application process for veterinary medicine is longer than it is for other courses. In fact, Cornell and Tufts are two schools that have omitted the GRE requirement for the next application cycle.


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