American oak (Quercus Alba) is also a temperate hardwood predominantly found in Eastern North America in regions of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ontario, Quebec, and southern Main . available due to the fact that it is the cheaper alternative. American oak is grown is the forests of Iowa, Kentucky, Missouri, Ohio and Oregon. Both red oak and white oak are harder than Douglas-fir wood. One of the major benefits of European oak is that it lends itself particularly well to finishing and doesn't expand and contract to any great extent. found European Oak to offer superior stability, quality and durability. Quercus alba, the white oak, is one of the preeminent hardwoods of eastern and central North America. European oak has a more even color tone across planks than American oak which can show greater color variations between lighter and darker shades due to the. American oak is a hardwood that’s principally found in Eastern North America. While Oak with epicormic growths on the main However,  both American and European oak have enough density to  be sawn instead of hand split. American oak flooring typically has much larger grain and growth rings in its boards and a much lighter tone compared to European Oak Flooring. Oak wood is used to create practical and beautiful furniture, doors, and flooring all over the world. American oak on the other hand is typically cut using three main sawing methods, plain, rift or quartered. Used broadly across most types of furnishing, European oak is usually finished with a natural oil finish such as hardwax oils. European white oak tends to have a more wavy and a much tighter grain pattern compared to American oak tends to have a large and predominantly straight grain pattern with much larger grain and growth rings. This process allows. White Oak is a great a timber species and is great for many applications. This article about American oak vs European oak will help you decide which type of oak wood will be most suitable for your next project or home improvement. Though both European and American white oak are durable and strong, European oak grows taller than the average American oak species and is often used for specialty longer length and wider floor planks (Check out Castle Bespoke European white oak wide plank flooring products for ideas for your new floor). We relish Colour variation: Because the sap wood is thicker in European oak, you will find clearer and more select pieces in a wider widths. Due to the amount of different variations there are of American Oak… higher tannin content and less sapwood that gives it the edge in performing Although both are considered, ‘white oaks’ and classed under the same Genus, each is a distinct species. An American oak can be cut down after 70 years, while the slower-growing European oak must at least grow for 100 additional years. American oak has a very clean, uniform appearance. European white oak (Quercus Robur/Petrea) commonly known as common oak is a temperate hardwood native to Europe west of the Caucasus in countries like Germany, Poland, France and England. of both species depends largely on the its growing environment. will always be denser and more durable. American Oak European Oak. If you are in the market for flooring and decided to go for a white oak floor, you have already chosen a reliable and trustworthy wood product. we find this a bit boring. , much in demand for interior floor and furniture work. The differences in flavors imparted by French and American oak barrels The simplest way to describe the differences in French and American oak is to think of them as personalities. European and American white oak might look similar but they are much different in terms of color, grain pattern and how they absorb stains and finish. An oil finish penetrates the wood fibers to harden them while not altering the natural beauty of the wood. the UK and Ireland. Species and origin – French Oak (Quercus Robur) is a temperate hardwood native to most of Europe and is, in fact, the same species as English Oak. The idea of regional flavors is not held to the high regard that it is in France. The forests used for barrel oak are selected for their fine-grained consistent wood. fantastic performing timber species for outdoor environments, 6 home grown super woods for outdoor projects. To put it simply, American oak is mainly sourced from North America. trunk will exhibit patches of burr known as ‘pippy’ on milled timber. Although subjective, for us at Woodland Mill Sourced from North America, American Oak is available as Red Oak and White Oak. We generally source our Oak from sustainably managed forests in France and Germany. Specimens have been documented to be over 450 years old. American Oak (Quercus Alba) is also a temperate hardwood predominantly found in Eastern North America. of Europe and American White Oak (Quercus Alba) is principally found in Eastern American white oak has greater inherent fiber strength making it denser compared to European white oak . Oak wood is a highly desirable wood for many construction and design purposes. European oak is typically hard, strong, and heavy wood but American white oak has better overall strength and bending properties relative to weight. In general, European Oak has roughly double the tannin content of American White Oak. Due to the way it grows, the European oak's sapwood is wider and thicker than its heartwood compared to  American oaks. European oak is typically hard, strong, and heavy wood but American white oak has better overall strength and bending properties relative to weight. To answer this question we need to first understand what is the main difference between the white oak harvested in Europe compared to the white oak from North America. At Woodland method of milling, the timber can also present beautiful irregularities. Now you must be encountered with the question of which white oak floor is better- European or American? Oak from sustainably managed forests in France and Germany. Both species have good durability properties Although both oaks have quite similar tones, European oak has a much darker complexion than American oak. When it comes to general strength, oak is also the winner, but fir is more workable. Typically,  American white oak  grows high in the mountains and on low lands giving rise to different characteristic  and tends to be short and thick. We generally source our The higher tannin content makes European Oak more durable (rot-resistant), which is why it was the preferred wood for ship-building throughout European history.


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