Let’s not forget that the legendary Neumann U87 is a trend setter and represents the standard for most recording microphones released today. My friend just got the NT1-A and it sounds good. var sc_project=9084469; But if you can afford to spend that extra $100 bill, you will have the tool to enter the big league! You can check this great recording setup that I love with its older brother, Rode NT1a. Buying this mic is not cheap, even for a home studio ($699). Bought a Miktek C7 (back ordered), and needed another Mic. It is perfect for vocals! In that price range, it’s the best choice you can make. Remember that all the condenser mics in this list require a source of power (+48V Phantom Power) and a preamp. If you have a budget of $400, and if you want a better mic than Perception 420, you should consider ACK C214. Thinking of grabing a another. I have seen only a very few posts about the AKG Perception 420 which is a pretty new mic (I read earlier that it is basically a Perception 400 with a 20dB pad rather than a 10dB pad) but it is apparently a true condenser, can support multiple-patterns, and it does have the AKG logo on it (whether deserved or not). The maximum SPL is at 144 dB and the impedance is of 50 Ohms. AKG P420: Rode NT2A: « Ir a Equipo home studio. You can check this great recording setup that I love with its older brother, Rode NT1a. What’s even better, you can get informed before actually making the purchase. AKG Perception 420 vs NT2A I have currently seen this mic on sale brand new in the UK for GBP169 (versus GBP225 for an NT2-A) Looking at the blurb says they're in the same league with the Rode being a bit quieter, but what is the experience on the boards? : "http://www. https://homestudiobasics.com/akg-c214-vs-rode-nt2a-whats-the-difference The only negative element I could find in the reviews was the low end recordings, and folks say that sometimes they seems thin. scJsHost+ These microphones are affordable, but are not necessarily cheap. Add at least two items to compare. Comparing Rode NT1A vs AKG P120 vs Rode NT2A . When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Curious if you ever decided between the two mics? Print Email. var sc_invisible=1; Audio-Technica AT5040 Cardioid Condenser Vocal Microphone, Neewer® NW-800 Professional Studio Broadcasting, Pyle-Pro PDKM7 7 Drum Microphone Wired Drum Kit, Best microphones for a home recording studio, Affordable setup for a home recording studio | CoreMic – Home studio equipment, The best microphones for recording music in 2015, Best wireless microphones that you can buy right now, Best studio monitoring headphones you can buy right now, Best studio monitors that you can buy right now, Cubase 5 – Getting started, configuration, settings, how to record songs, Microphones and home recording studio equipment, Recommended home recording studio products. "statcounter.com/counter/counter.js'>"); Your email address will not be published. TLM microphone brings the German engineering and quality into the world of recording studios. With a frequency response of 20Hz – 20 KHz, it’s clean, quiet, and it captures the real presence of the voice with high accuracy. Happy shopping. Before starting with the greatest microphones on the market, I want to say that this list does not contains the cheapest mics you can buy. Required fields are marked *. MXL V69MEDT Large Diaphram Condenser Tube Microphone. Let me start with this: Perception 420 has the legendary quality of AKG mics, and it is the latest edition of the much praised Perception line of ACK microphones. If you want to upgrade your recording setup or you want to build your first recording studio, you are in the right place. Rode-NT2a can be found in most online stores priced under $400, which is definitely a bargain. But that can depend on the audio interface they are using. Check the Rode NT2a thread, where I posted clips of the Rode next to another mic that's advertised as non-sibilant. You will probably be amazed by how nicely it capture sound details. document.write(".

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