1. Guerrilla marketing 1. Here are some of the most important advantages that guerrilla marketing offers. It can be inexpensive to execute—it’s often much cheaper than traditional advertising when you consider the number of impressions and amount of attention generated. Advantages of guerilla marketing. Targeted – designed to reach the target market – reduces waste and ineffectiveness. CONTENT History Introduction Principles of GM Elements that make GM successful Implementing GM strategies Traditional vs. Guerilla marketing involves a lot of budget and DIY strategies like graffiti, stickers, and undercover marketing, which adds up to the element of surprise and shock. Advantages of guerrilla marketing Advantages Flexible Low cost Targeted Simple 22. Before we try to sum up the (dis)advantages of guerilla marketing, let’s give you some concrete examples of this method. Guerilla marketing is beneficial to small scale businesses because it is cheap as compared to the traditional form of marketing. At the low end, it's free - and you can't beat free! Without marketing, it doesn’t matter whether your business offers the best products and services or not, as consumers will not be aware of them. This is because an organization handles extensive marketing within a particular period. The idea behind guerilla marketing is to get people’s attention in a more unconventional way. Low Cost – one of the founding principles – ideal for firms who do not have massive marketing budgets. Advantages and Disadvantages of Guerrilla Marketing Guerrilla marketing has several notable advantages. Advantages : ) Good stuff: o Guerilla Marketing is cheap. The Advantages of Guerrilla Marketing. Advantage: High credibility ... As guerrilla marketing campaign can spread rapidly, negative sentiments about a company can be also spread. At the high end, you may end up investing a few hundred dollars in promotional items or a major, centralized piece that you can build a number of different campaigns around. In fact, you can get your customers to get engaged in interesting and exciting ways. With guerrilla marketing, you don’t really have to spend a hefty price to advertise your business. Guerrilla marketing Types of GM Marketing mix Case study Advantages and disadvantages Conclusion Reference 2 3. Sales may be lower than expected because of this, which may cause a company to close. Marketing is crucial to the success of a business. Flexible – because of small scale nature can be adapted quickly, relatively easy to respond to change. It encourages creativity and inventiveness, since the goal is to create something novel and original. Guerrilla Marketing in the new millennium offers both new challenges and new advantages for businesses. It is ideal for a low budget. Agri in AgMaco 2. As our dynamic society moves ever closer to online dependence, business owners have to deal with the following challenges: WELCOME II SEMINAR ON GUERRILLA MARKETING 1 Presented by: Likin Bopanna K PALB 3136 Sr. M.Sc.


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