The JL is comprehensive enough to allow integration into a home theater system, can sum left and right to mono internally, and is relatively easy to set up (assuming you have an acoustic measurement system like the XTZ Room Analyzer II and some knowledge). My experience adding subwoofers to 2 channel . Add to this, the fact that the sub's bass level changes with changes in listening position. Maybe some day... Something to consider when adding a sub.If you cross over a sub at a higher level than the main speakers are capable of, you must attenuate or eliminate the signal to mains in that region, otherwise, you will be doubling the reproduction of sound the that region. They are perfect for a reference quality system or if you are wary of digitizing the output of your turntable. Most multi-channel DACS are not particularly user friendly and don’t have basic features like output muting when power is disconnected. My Kappa 9 speakers are rated to 29hz and they sound pretty good in my 18x24 room...powered by McIntosh mc1.25 amps...l was looking for another layer of bass to enhance the first experiment l took my SVS pb16 ultras from my theater room and tried them sounded terrible,didn't blend well..couldn't hear a difference until … Both have decent onboard crossover functionality that is sufficient to get good integration. Top. Any suggestions for a better sub for music? If you go with a sub, I'd try and find one that has the lowest possible crossover point. Be sure that the connections are firmly and correctly placed. The DAC feeds the left/right power amps and the subs. Adding Subwoofer To 2 Channel Stereo - Hello friend Wiring Diagram, In the article that you read this time with the title Adding Subwoofer To 2 Channel Stereo, we have prepared this article well for you to read and take information in it. Sometimes, for example, you can crossover subs at 100Hz and mains at 60Hz to boost the frequency range in the middle in order to help flatten the response. Check your wiring one last time as explained in the steps above. The two units to look at if you are interested in this approach would be the ExaSound E28 and maybe the new Merging NADAC. What other lower cost options for crossover have you considered or used? There are many ways to integrate subs into your two channel system. I'm auditioning the REL305, and have followed their setup, and while the bass is okay, I hear a lot of distortion at higher volumes. If you cross over a sub at a higher level than the main speakers are capable of, you must attenuate or eliminate the signal to mains in that region, otherwise, you will be doubling the reproduction of sound the that region. My listening is pretty much exclussive to music, and my tastes range from jazz to rock to orchestral to - some - folk. I want to connect it to my yamaha system. Many I've seen crossover at around 60 or even 85HZ, which would not be ideal for you. And adjust the crossover on the subwoofer. Hello! The current issue of Stereophile includes the current "Recommended Components" listings. These crossovers let you choose the frequency and slope for the crossover and have great sound quality. My room is about 8'h x 14 x 18 or 2000 cubic feet. It has a high pass for the main speakers, which is useful and could be used with the low pass in the subs. Certainly ‘different’ as they say in the product title! Your email address will not be published. 1) Run the speaker wire from your amp to the sub, then another set of speaker cables to your speakers. As you know, subwoofers aren’t able to play sounds that have larger frequencies of 500 Hertz. Any thoughts on the Sub Buddy from Transcendent Sound? SUBWOOFERS FOR 2-CHANNEL SYSTEMS. Thanks. $100, and it has analog input, analog output, but digital processing in between — that not only lets you choose crossover frequency but also slope, and multiple bands of parametric EQ, if you desire. On the plus side the same computer can also work as a music server. 12 thoughts on “Three ways to add a subwoofer crossover to your two channel system” nathan says: ... compared to a DSP crossover or JL Audio CR1. This type of subwoofer crossover resides on a PC or Mac and is performed by playback software such as JRiver Media Center or Pure Music. How about the new miniDSP 2×4 HD?


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