It's Just a Guide. Various widths available. TimberTown carries Spruce lumber … $4.00 Rough Lumber Forsale Live Edge Or Straight Cut Tamarack Timmins 22/11/2020. Decided to use it in a Chess/Checkerboard Project as the "light" squares. Consider cherry for flooring applications in lightly trafficked areas, because it scuffs more easily than other woods. Great job. Maple, ash, white oak, and red oak lumber varieties are harder woods, which is why they're some of the most popular when it comes to flooring. Selecting wood takes time to do it right. Great For Crafts Or Biulding Stuff 4 $ ft Depending on the Board Make lovely Selves Favourite. In woodworking, you do your own cutting and gluing so that you can finesse your project together just the way you want. Simply stated, we really want you to be happy with what you buy from us. All of our lumber is stocked surfaced on 2 sides - which means the face and back of the boards are good and smooth and the edges are rough sawn. It might take longerPlease be patient. Custom Exotic Lumber Orders: Our Hard Maple lumber is of the highest quality and kiln dried (unless otherwise noted.) Fortuntely, if you have the tools to cut, shape, and manipulate wood, you can create the sizes you need. Country maple is our description of the hard maple that’s left over after the 100% white boards have been separated out. Prices and Policies subject to change without notice. So if you still have concerns about what you need and what we can do for you, please call to discuss. This is the range of lengths that we might have in stock. Yes!, 18115 N. Black Canyon Hwy Phoenix, AZ 85023 602-504-1931, 645 W. Elliot Road Tempe, AZ 85284 480-355-5090, 3441 S. Palo Verde Tucson, AZ 85715 520-745-8301. The wood arrived on-time and in good condition. You will be billed for the actual footage that we ship. Texture is fine and even. Yes, that's an awfully expensive proposition -- that's exactly why we work hard to get it right the first time by asking you questions about your projects, being careful with hand selection, and being mindful that you're putting your trust in us to pick out great looking wood that you'll be proud of. We can take photos of any of our lumber and send them to you by email, text, or any method you prefer. Weight averages about 45lbs per cu. Exotic Wood "Project Packs": Each Hard Maple exotic wood project pack contains a specific amount of lumber. Coronavirus Update (7/22/2020) → OVER 100 SPECIES OF EXOTIC WOOD! When you call or email, you'll talk to a friendly fellow woodworker who understands your concerns and, more importantly, is willing to help. 4. Custom cuts available, minimum $15 shop fee. You will recieve wood that is larger than you request What we do is select wood to exceed the dimensions you need - that way you can cut it down to what you want. ft.). Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; Share on Pinterest; Share by Email; Item 158481. Studs are used to frame walls and provide a foundation to install drywall and insulation. We always contact you first to discuss and make sure you get what you need and are not surprised by additional charges. Add to Wish List. This maple has beautiful grain patterns. If you order 2 board feet of a wood, the board we may need to ship you could be something like 4/4x6-1/2"x49". In short, you may receive slightly more wood than you order and be charged for it. Fine brown growth rings give an attractive figure on plain sawn surfaces. The rip will remove 1/16" to 1/8" from the width of the board. The members of our crew are woodworking hobbyists too, so they get to know many of our woods by working with them., 3441 S. Palo VerdeTucson, AZ 85715 Write a Review. Because the amount of wood you buy is largely dependent on the sizes available in the lumber pile. Canfield, OH 44406. The stack of mahogany above shows how lumber comes in many widths, rarely uniform. Shipping not included in prices. Price shown is for a random selection of widths within this range. You can request specific widths or add a straight edge rip in the order form. Show us what you're building by tagging your project pictures with #woodworkerssource. TimberTown has been supplying lumber to Alberta homeowners and contractors Since 1981. Board footage is a measurement of volume, and it's abbreviated Bd. Due to the limitations of website software, it's best to handle this type of order person-to-person. It has excellent turning properties, a fine & even texture, and a natural luster. Favourite. And for others you may want to use a combination of both. We display the specific gravity for each of our woods using it's kiln-dried measurement (instead of the non-dried measurement). Subscribe to RSS headline updates from: The stack of mahogany above shows how lumber comes in many widths, rarely uniform. This is why lumber is measured by the board foot, and why you may need to buy more footage than you realize. Hard Maple Lumber. Hardwoods come in various widths and lengths because it's in raw form as it was sawn from the log - it's not sized to any standardized dimension yet. Ft. One board foot is equal to 144 cubic inches. We always try to ship the longest possible lengths, but to make it easier on you and us, request length ranges in the order form. I have ordered from you several times and I have never been disappointed. © Baird Brothers Sawmill, Inc., 7060 Crory Rd. We will always do our best to ship you what you order, though. No flaws in either board meant I could use the material as I saw fit. In turn, country maple costs less and offers eccentric color." No problem. A rough edge is rarely suitable to be guided against a table saw fence. Sizes shown are net. The first board was used for my first segmented bowl. At least 90% white sapwood. The second board was cut to enough width to finish the bowl and leave 7 inches for multiple possible projects. It was flat (not bowed) and I was easily able to start working with it, thanks to having one side ripped. The heartwood contains straight grain and has a tendency to be a darker reddish brown in color. Powered by FeedBurner. Hard Maple wood, which is also referred to as Sugar Maple, Rock Maple and White Maple Wood, comes from the Northeast and Midwest regions of the U.S.The sapwood ranges from an off-white cream color to nearly white, on occasion with a reddish or golden hue. Woodworkers Source started in 1978 to provide the finest hardwood lumber to all types of woodworkers, from beginners getting started with the craft to long-time professionals. Somewhat difficult to work due to high surface hardness. It works well. Qty: Add to Cart. Various lengths and widths available. Our facility produces Birdseye Maple Lumber, Curly Maple (Tiger Maple) Lumber and we stock over 70 species of exotic wood. That's the way we've done it since 1998 when we first started shipping hardwood lumber to woodworkers all over the world. Shipping Costs also will be adjusted to reflect the actual quantity we're shipping you as well. We'll select boards that are larger so you can cut them down. Most of our lumber is graded "Select" and better, which means it's at minimum 83% clear on one side. Known for its durability and strength, hence it's common use for flooring, butcher blocks, and large furniture. A straight line rip is also performed after measuring the board. Stores     About Us     Email Us     (800) 423-2450 (Call a Store). Planing removes thickness. A straight line rip puts a true edge on the board so you can run it against a table saw fence and cut the width you need. But don't worry, this is usually no more than a fraction of a board foot, but we do need to charge you for exactly what you receive. Take how you feel about the usual lumberyard and throw it out the window. 18115 N. Black Canyon HwyPhoenix, AZ 85023 Copyright © 2020 Woodworkers Source | Home | Site Map, We recommend this amount to yield your sizes (net, 2.51% heavier than red oak (3.58 /bd. Maple, also referred to as hard maple, sugar maple, or rock maple, dimensional hardwood lumber is ready for your craftsmanship to be made into cabinets, furniture, trim, or your own special project. If you don't like the wood you receive from us, we'll replace it. We we want you to be happy with your order and our service! Maple, also referred to as hard maple, sugar maple, or rock maple, dimensional hardwood lumber is ready for your craftsmanship to be made into cabinets, furniture, trim, or your own special project. It has excellent turning properties, a fine & even texture, and a natural luster., 645 W. Elliot RoadTempe, AZ 85284 When you order lumber from us, you can use the "Minimum Size Request" box on the order form to let us know what your minimum requirements are, or what you want to be able to create. Recieved a great piece! We'll even re-share with our community! 2. Could not have picked out a better piece if I was at the Store. Check out our blog for the full explanation. Color Range Creamy white to yellowish or pale tan with dark brown bands and streaks.


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